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Retrograde Mercury finally flips forward on the 20th, but until energetic Mars turns direct on the 27th, you might not feel totally up and rarin' to go. The autumn equinox arrives on the 23rd in the midst of the deliciously romantic, imaginative, artistic Venus-Neptune trine. Celebrate the start of something special. Celebrate again on the 25th, when the diplomatic, judicious Libra new moon inaugurates another lunar cycle. Hopefully it'll be more peaceful than the one coming to a close.


Living on the edge? Not sure where you'll land? Maybe it's because your thrill-seeking Mars ruler is at a crossroads, returning you to the beginning of artistic, idealistic Pisces, yet close enough to Aquarius to feel the pull of the group ethic. If experience is still the best teacher, think back to mid-June and the way a similar situation was resolved. If you were somewhat successful then, do exactly what you did, but wait until the new moon on the 25th and until retrograde Mars flips forward on the 27th before making your intentions known.


The delicately romantic liaison between your sensual Venus ruler and melodic, mystical Neptune occurs smack in the middle of your autumnal-equinox celebration on Tuesday. How can you not fall in love? But when Venus faces the stark reality Saturn brings to a situation, how can you continue to delude yourself? Bouncing between two poles - faith and fact - should keep you plenty busy, even if nothing crucial happens until the Libra new moon gets another cycle of desire, action and reaction under way.


It must be magic. As soon as autumn officially arrives, the annoyances that have been bugging you lately and weighing down your ebullient spirit manage to disappear. Must be the fresh breeze blowing in with the Libra sun that is clearing the air of the tiresome and trivial. Even though your Mercury ruler finally is moving forward, helping you communicate more effectively and taking care of a household or a tricky family matter, your social life needn't be compromised. First deal, then date.


You could be under pressure to play Big Daddy or to act as if you're the leader of the pack. This way the folks around you won't be blamed if things become sticky or don't work out as planned. That's what happens when Saturn travels through your sun sign; you get to be the idiot responsible. The next two weeks can be particularly trying because both sociable Venus and the Libra sun are setting up tests for you to pass. If only you could laugh them off! But Saturn means serious business, so look for something positive to lift your spirits.


Each time your sun ruler crosses an equinox or solstice point, Lions embrace the seasonal change with gusto. Well, maybe the darkening of the light doesn't exactly thrill you, but this autumn promises mental stimulation and physical pleasures that the summer never delivered. The Libra new moon can also introduce an assortment of welcome attractions to your scene, beautiful goods and gracious services that'll enhance all sorts of social interaction. No kidding, romance is in the air. Dress accordingly.


While the start of the fall season doesn't always mean there's money to be made, providing something that people currently value should fuel that vaunted Virgo sense of service. Not to mention your imagination. It may take a few more days, until your Mercury ruler picks up speed and ambitious Mars comes out of retrograde, before the brainstorm hits. Be patient; because prosperous, protective Jupiter is in your sign, this is Virgo's year to grow wealthier and wiser. Healthier, as always, is up to you.


Now is not the time to be shy or self-effacing. Although good manners will always matter, please feel free to elbow your way into the limelight. Since Libra brings out a more refined sense of enjoyment, an appreciation of civilizations and their cultures the rest of us crave, we instinctively turn to you guys for our seasonal fix. "In demand" hardly describes our need to be around you and the innate talents you possess. So, while your magnetic Venus ruler and musical Neptune are in sync, shall we dance?


If you felt disconnected while Mercury was retrograde in your house of friends, hopes and wishes, don't give it another thought. They'll soon be back in full force, hoping and wishing that now you'll give them what they want. However, you may have to wait until your Mars co-ruler changes direction on the 27th before you become sufficiently motivated. Actually, anything you've managed to accomplish since Mars went retrograde at the end of July should be considered a minor miracle. Congratulations.


Dream on, because it's your imagination and connection to cosmic consciousness that'll bring in the bucks. Musicians, photographers and inventors build careers on this arcane bit of knowledge, but those of us who don't come by these gifts naturally can promote and cash in on them now. However, you might encounter resistance from a partner, someone's attorney or even a regulatory agency. Downloading files again? Meanwhile, once irritating Mars turns direct, a family matter or problem with the house could resurface.


First you're liable to feel a chill. Affectionate Venus may turn off her love light on the 25th when she squares your Saturn ruler in your Cancer marriage house. Then Goats (such as Gray Davis) get to bear the full brunt of the challenge when the Libra sun squares Saturn on the 6th. Even if you're not embroiled in a contest, you're apt to feel depressed or isolated simply because difficult aspects to restrictive Saturn stress the colder, harder facts of life. Once Mars turns around and the money starts flowing, you'll cheer up.


Most of the planets are focusing on close relationships and what you have in common (stocks, antiques, copyrights) with significant others. While the vibe is so harmonious, you can show off more of your idiosyncratic self than usual. Originality and artistry are encouraged, but try not to step over the line; you know how quickly the worm turns. This is also a good time to make romantic overtures to a fresh object of desire. Your standby squeeze is probably more resistant, preoccupied or crankier than usual.


The high spots of this new-moon period come first on the 25th, when you attract people with taste and refinement, not to mention appreciable good looks. The ??ber-romantic connection between affectionate Venus and your Neptune is sheer fantasy fulfillment; enjoy. The other memorable date is the 27th, as Mars in your sign turns direct and frees you from an irritating tie to the past. After that, you're in for a booster shot of energy and ambition, enough to keep you going strong through the office Christmas-party season.


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