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Enthusiasm and expectations run exceptionally high this weekend as energetic, ambitious Mars confronts optimistic Jupiter. How far over the top will you go during this opposition or will you wait until mid-November, when Mars is direct, to beef up your latest enterprise? Despite Mercury in retrograde (until the 20th), you can absorb a lot of information while the Messenger meets Venus and the fact-finding Virgo sun. Overseeing the extravagant gestures and jealous outbursts (Pluto is pushing his weight around again) is the universally loved harvest moon, fat and full in Pisces on Wednesday, the 10th.


You'll get another growth opportunity - probably in mid-November when your Mars ruler faces enthusiastic, entrepreneurial Jupiter again - similar to the one you're being offered right about now. Since retrograde is hardly the time to "carpe diem," it makes sense to wait and see what else develops during this month of madness. The harvest full moon will shed light on a crucial matter, so after Mercury turns direct on the 20th and Mars flips forward on the 27th, you'll be much better informed, especially about work and health matters.


Try tapping into your unconscious - via hypnosis, automatic writing, meditation or dreams - to unleash more of your creative potential. Virgo can be a very powerful period for Bulls who aspire to excel at their art form, also for those who want to mend romantic fences. Somehow you'll know just how hard to press forward and when to lie back, so that can you achieve exactly the effect you desire. Around the 15th, when your Venus ruler moves into Libra, you're liable to have another, more socially aware and politically savvy agenda entirely.


Whether or not you elect to pick up, you're getting beeped from beyond. There's a message waiting for Twins whose moment of decision has arrived. At first you'll grow acutely aware of what suits you best and what'll make you popular, but the crucial choice might not come until just after the Pisces full moon on the 10th. Make sure you have the latest information, the dirtiest dish, before taking action. And remember that your Mercury ruler is in retrograde, reconsidering and re-evaluating, until it flips forward on the 20th.


During this year's "shine on" harvest moon, consider getting away from it all and nurturing your inner hermit Crab instead. Not only is the full-moon light very bright, there's also a powerful cosmic force urging you to reveal secrets from your dark side and communicate them to far too many others. If you feel caught between the critical Virgo sun and the sacrificial Pisces moon, manipulated by a co-worker, or exhausted by the ups and downs of a financial matter, take a dive. Come up for air when this wave is spent.


Serious fun, a secret desire to please a loved one or the passion to create something memorable. When your sun ruler rises to a challenge issued by powerful Pluto, major changes take place. Trace the arc yourself: What began in December when they met, faced its first challenge (the waxing square) in March and reached a critical point in June (the opposition) is about to be tested again (the waning square.) Afterward, it's clear sailing until December. The Virgo-Pisces full moon focuses attention on a money matter, possibly something else you value.


The Virgo-Pisces full moon highlights a personal goal, a close relationship, your parents and, last but not least, where you're living. If revelations come creeping out of the primeval ooze that is your past when the Virgo sun challenges Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, use what suits you now and stuff the rest back in the closet until a later date. You may be especially eager to look a lot more attractive while beautifying Venus merges with your Mercury ruler in Virgo. If this be vanity, make the most of it.


Pangs of remorse after a jealous outburst, a stronger sense of community involvement, or payback for being bitchy to a "poor me" Pisces can keep you occupied until your Venus ruler finds safe haven in Libra. But until the 15th arrives, try to fulfill your commitments and provide for the needy without stepping into the spotlight. The weeks before the equinox are best spent renewing your energy, tweaking the image you want to project so that, come Libra, you'll shine. Meanwhile, continue sifting and sorting.


The harvest full moon can be surprisingly enjoyable if you spend it with clever, articulate pals who have something intelligent to impart. No doubt plenty of sloppy drunks and druggies will bob to the surface during the mystical, musical Pisces lunar event, but an intuitive water sign like yours will become aware of the danger signs before you actually see them. Did you know that while the sun is applying pressure to your Pluto co-ruler in your Sagittarius money house, a friendship could cost you dearly? Who's paying for rehab?


Although career and family concerns come to the fore during the annual Virgo-Pisces full moon, you can probably postpone making a decision until after Mercury turns direct in your midheaven on the 20th. But don't downplay any information you manage to acquire or allow anyone to twist your arm too hard to get what he or she wants. There's bound to be blatant manipulation when the Virgo sun tests Pluto in your sign. However, tit-for-tat doesn't really work for a Centaur; better to sense what's coming and cut the competition off at the pass.


Make the adjustment, already. Since you're not in the line of fire, and the harvest full moon is being kind to all the earth signs, why not agree to whatever your favorite Cancer, Pisces or Aquarius is asking? Shifting your focus and looking further into the future, even if it means diverting some funds, could do more for your entrepreneurial spirit than you're aware of right now. Although Mercury is retrograde, you can still benefit from what foreign publications, talking heads and bloggers are conveying.


If you're feeling pressured by a group of friends or an organization (the IRS?) to contribute more than you'd like, try to renegotiate. One of the advantages of Mercury retrograde is the breathing space it affords us, the time, and usually a valid reason, to reconsider a prior decision. Since Mercury and the Virgo-Pisces full moon are focused on your finances, why not try to save both bucks and aggravation? This is also a good time to get more serious about creating or acquiring artwork. Channel your muse of choice.


This month is primarily about communicating. While the planets offering goodies, goodness and growth converge in your Virgo house of partners, get ready to share your wealth of knowledge and be willing to receive as much in return. The full moon in Pisces could make you even more receptive to the undercurrents in cosmic consciousness than ever before. However, like the other mutable signs, you should beware of sneaky attempts by a manipulative boss, a politician with a hidden agenda, or a controlling parent to exert undue influence.


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