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For the last few summers, when the fiery Leo sun made contact with Pluto in Sagittarius, we've seen variations on a single theme: the power and the glory. One year it centered on power failures in California and the high price of energy, another focused on corporate corruption (Pluto) at Enron. So far this summer, we have the Kobe Bryant sex scandal along with a student-athlete murder mystery. Then there's the blame???Gray Davis recall frenzy, with references to that energy fiasco, along with a sneaky attempt to usurp power. All the maneuvering and manipulating goes up a notch when magnetic Venus enters the game during the Aquarius full moon late Monday night. Meanwhile, there's support for the guys trying to hold back the tide of resentment as Mars in empathetic Pisces and Saturn in compassionate Cancer trine on Tuesday, followed by further revelations as Mercury digs up more dirt about the plutocrats among us.


Educational toys, a playful instructor, even an encounter with a modern-day "school for scoundrels," could be your most valuable learning tool this summer. You're due for another week of creative fun and games of chance, with an emphasis on recreation, romance and rehabilitation. The nature of the changes taking place will vary, but as long as you give your retrograde Mars ruler leeway to wander through your recent past, re-evaluating decisions made in haste or confusion, you should emerge in much better shape. Don't rush the repair process, don't push for resolution.


Finally, an obsession pays off, and for a change, you won't be penalized for wanting something so badly it can hurt. While your Venus ruler forms a beneficial trine to passionate Pluto, whatever constitutes your latest heart's desire lies within your grasp, there for the taking. Some kind of adjustment may be necessary, but nothing too difficult or complicated. Meanwhile, the Leo-Aquarius full moon will light up your career midheaven, so look for a chance to enhance your reputation or make your family proud.


A pure heart, an open mind and a chance to hit the open road are all you need to reap the rewards of an independent, sophisticated Aquarius full moon. Having the freedom to do, to go, to give your utmost is exhilarating. If the pieces fall into place, grab the first opportunity to express yourself, full throttle. Since the creative Leo sun and charming Venus can easily appease a demanding partner - i.e., manipulative Pluto in your Sag marriage house - you shouldn't face any resistance from that quarter until our week winds down.


What you already possess, what you still want and the values you hold in high esteem may be your main focus during the annual Leo-Aquarius full moon. This year, getting your financial ducks in a row should be accomplished more easily than it was last year because there's help from gracious Venus and generous Jupiter. They won't be helping out next year, so try to get the biggest benefit from the money matter that comes to a head this week, especially if it involves other people's participation, e.g., an insurance policy, an investment opportunity.


The Leo-Aquarius full moon can tug hard at your heartstrings, making you more vulnerable than usual to fleeting emotions and flattering ego trips. Because you might be in exceptionally high spirits, courtesy of affectionate Venus and magnanimous Jupiter in your sign, you're liable to throw to the wind any shred of caution still holding you back. You might as well. Since there are no dire consequences lying in wait, no traps that might trip you up for another month, go ahead and fulfill that secret desire.


Step back and let the Aquarius full moon deal with the chores, debts and details of your daily life. There's not much participation required of you this week. If you manage to stay out of the public eye, the cold, bright moon will see that the necessities are handled, and it won't reveal any secrets. Exposure to a dark deed from your past might be more harmful than you think. Because your Mercury ruler forms a challenging square to Pluto three times in the next two months, the stink can linger on and on.


This should be another memorable week for sociable Librans because the Leo-Aquarius full moon highlights your favorite axis, the one connecting friends and lovers, people and parties. As an extra added attraction, your Venus ruler places you in the center of the gala Leo celebrations, being rewarded, so to speak, for a somewhat secretive, sneaky maneuver you managed to pull off. Admiration and invitations are all well and good, but what can affect you more is a powerful sexual attraction nobody was aware of . . . until now.


Scorpions can opt for greater personal glory or a friendlier family atmosphere, but either way, thank the full moon for shedding such clear light on your scene. Your choice may depend on how strong an influence your Mars co-ruler is exerting while it is retrograde in Pisces, the sign of the martyr. And how close to 7-10 degrees of Scorpio your natal planets are. If the numbers don't fit, you can't commit. But if they do, then count on the support of the male establishment - fathers and big brothers, "uncles" and paid advisers.


This is the time, around the Leo-Aquarius full moon, when your attention shifts from ways to enjoy what's left of the summer to planning an agenda for autumn. Aquarius governs your third house of self-expression and lessons you learn from your environment, while Leo rules your higher mind and aspirations. Thoughts of graduate school, foreign travel or reaching a worldwide audience may pop up any day now. You could also be re-evaluating your inner resources, particularly the ability to slip out of a sticky situation and reinvent yourself.


Sometimes boys are best kept on the side, but not now. It's the masculine vibe, as represented by energetic Mars supporting your avuncular Saturn ruler, that'll serve your interests this week. Go to the guys if you need muscles or financial advice, specifically to a Leo whose generosity often knows no bounds. The full moon can exaggerate many human traits, but a stout heart and genuine affection aren't among them. Once again, your partner could be the more stable of the two in your relationship. Surprised?


Supersensitive to criticism? Claiming the higher moral ground and, since you're at it, aesthetic superiority as well? Because romantic Venus is opposing impressionable Neptune in your sign, you could be too fey right now for anybody but the fairy folk. Although it's a lovely frame of mind for telling tales and drawing pretty pictures, getting lost in your imagination could detract from the real business of the week. And what might that be? Exposing your true, albeit hidden, feelings while the moon is full in Aquarius.


Pisces is still on the same course as Aquarius, so read for that sign as well. However, you can avoid the glare of the full moon and, instead, concentrate on how much support you can gather from older folks on your family tree. Well-established, tradition-bound Saturn in Cancer favors self-centered Mars in your sign this week. A clever, young ally might provoke your partner or a client into taking a significant step that can affect your career and the company's reputation. Make sure the information is accurate, not merely scandalous.


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