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You may become supersensitive and slightly delusional while the sun is currently opposing idealistic, imaginative Neptune. You could also be torn between doing good and doing damage when optimistic Jupiter and spiteful Pluto perfect their challenging square on Friday. Beware extreme beliefs and exaggerated fears, and take comfort in Venus as the goddess settles into cozy Cancer on Saturday. Mercury goes retrograde on the 9th (until September 2); then, on Tuesday, Mars leaves willful Leo for circumspect Virgo. The rewarding sun-Pluto trine (we must have done something right!) and Perseids meteor extravaganza are scheduled for Wednesday. Things are looking up!


Your approach to problems and pleasures alike may change dramatically after your Mars ruler leaves enthusiastic Leo on the 10th and settles into detail-oriented Virgo for the next seven weeks. Productivity becomes as desirable an end as creativity; being accurate may prove just as satisfying as being praised. Rams born in mid-April can have it all - the love, the learning and the luck - when the fiery Leo sun and powerful Pluto in Sag support your natal Aries planets. Meanwhile, because Mercury is backsliding through your house of romance and recreation, slow down.


Finally, your Venus ruler leaves dualistic Gemini, where it's been flitting about since April 3, and enters down-home Cancer. Emotional security - and the other kind - becomes more important, although you shouldn't be afraid to take a chance that could pop up as the week progresses. Although it might not be apparent, when it comes to romance and games of chance, you can be quite lucky right now. Don't let your reluctance to change keep you from capitalizing on Jupiter's expansive good fortune while you still can. Come fall, it'll be gone.


Mainly mid-June Gemini natives are caught in the middle of the power struggle between righteous Jupiter in your Virgo home base and suspicious Pluto in your Sagittarius house of partners. A philosophical tug-of-war can be confusing and exhausting, especially since your Mercury ruler, retrograde in cautious Virgo, is in no position to help you sort through the information you're receiving. Not until Mercury goes direct on September 2 will you begin to see the entire picture, so try to postpone important decisions until then.


Flirt away. Having magnetic Venus in your sign, but only until Labor Day, will draw attention to how good you look and make you quite popular with both genders. Although some folks might be impressed by the savvy way you wheel and deal, you'll tend to favor the humanitarians, eccentrics and independent thinkers among us who want to introduce you to something new. Meanwhile, financial matters might not go smoothly while Mercury is retrograde in your house of income and assets. Not the time to ask for a raise.


Insisting on "my way or the highway" tactics (no matter whether you're right or ultimately proven wrong) can pay off around the 11th, as the Leo sun aligns with obstinate Pluto in Sagittarius, a hopeful, high-spirited fire sign like your own. You'll be able to display greater authenticity and authority than you (or your partner) imagined, because now you can tap into hidden sources of the kind of power secretive Pluto provides. Some of it is purely sexual, some of it your life-or-death instinct at work. Trying to get pregnant?


Look for a chance to grow at the expense of someone from your past when ethical, enthusiastic Jupiter in your sign is challenged by manipulative Pluto in your Sagittarius nadir. Perhaps the situation won't be as dastardly or dramatic as all that; maybe it'll simply be a problem with the plumbing or something else at home that is not immediately apparent. As long as you're in such an expansive frame of mind, you might as well go after the goodies you truly want. Do the research - but no major expenditures while your Mercury ruler is retrograde.


Working women, domestic goddesses and artists in various mediums can weave a magical spell over your career now. Be nice to those who are in a position to make you feel more secure about your place in the world. While your Venus ruler visits your Cancer midheaven - until Labor Day - family, feminism and the promise of fame can spur you on to greater heights. If it's important that you achieve at least one of your goals, know that despite delays and Mercury retrograde, this is the month to try. Friends or an organization may play an auxiliary role, but don't count on them to grease your way.


The patience to follow through, to pay attention to the smallest detail, is available if you need it. And before autumn begins, you probably will. Thank your Mars co-ruler for finally getting to Virgo, the sign that actually enjoys making things as good as they can get. And while perfection is not your usual cup of tea, achieving your goal, by any means necessary, is. Because Mars teams up with Mercury and Jupiter, the planets that govern publicity and the media, you're likely to appear smarter or hipper than you really are. Fun for some.


For the next 10 days, it should be easy to do something difficult. If you've been fearful about making a crucial change, now, while the life-affirming sun favors anal-retentive Pluto in Sag, would be the time to start. Pluto is a powerful energy; it represents the disease and the cure, abuse and recovery, and other heavy-duty things we'd rather not think about. But while the force is with you, it would be sheer folly (a Sagittarius trait, for sure) to ignore it. Other people's resources are available for the asking.


Wouldn't you know it? It's August, vacation time for the shrinks, and your unconscious is lit up like the sky during the Perseids meteor showers. One revelation about the past after another, plus a spiritual epiphany to blow your mind! The opportunistic sextile between prescient Jupiter and your realistic Saturn ruler next week favors good judgment and long-range planning for success. It's also the first supportive alignment these giants have made since their conjunction in Taurus in May 2000. Think back - what has changed?


If you're feeling at all uncomfortable about a casual friendship or your affiliation with an organization, now would be a good time to deal with it. Sunny Leo energy tends to emphasize the upside of relationships; it's also more forgiving than most signs. And while affectionate Venus trines your Uranus ruler midmonth, any change of heart would have a positive effect on you personally. The Leo new moon on the 15th in your house of partners can inaugurate a new, more generous way of interacting with allies and antagonists alike.


Mercury retrograde in your Virgo partnership house from August 9 to September 2 suggests that you be very careful dealing with significant others. Don't overlook the smallest detail of any agreement you may be considering, and double-check all information you receive - this includes casual conversations with your mate. Misunderstandings galore! Also, you tend not to see the forest for the trees while Mercury is busy critiquing the small stuff. Better to table discussions entirely and opt for fun and frolic instead.


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