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The future-oriented, socially aware Aquarius full moon on the 31st is a blue moon, the once-every-two-and-a-half-year event that occurs when there are two full moons in one month. And although it's not that rare, a blue moon is something special, made all the more so because lyrical Neptune is also highlighted this week while the creative Leo sun opposes it on Thursday. I hear a song coming on. I also sense a crisis of conscience coming when ethical Jupiter in Virgo perfects a challenging square to secretive Pluto on the 6th. Mind-blowing info!


Whether or not you planned it, this week could be the one in which you decide what to do about your reputation and/or career. Do you take the time to complete the project you're convinced will make you famous? Hype another imaginative fabrication, an idealistic lie of the mind to your public? Throw yourself at the mercy of a compassionate employer or a self-deluded parent and ask forgiveness? While you might not be able to get away with murder per se, because you're surrounded by high-spirited, life-affirming Leo energy, your creativity will probably be met by kudos.


Other hard-working signs get the summer off; Bulls get to ponder a career matter that comes to fruition during the full moon in your Aquarius midheaven. Try to delay your decision until the 5th. After the sun clarifies the ambiguity Neptune is projecting, you'll have a better idea of what you're getting into. Movie and rock stars love having Neptune at the top of their charts, working its magic on the public's imagination. But if your gig doesn't include promotion, photo sessions, wardrobe, hair and makeup, it's time to consider another line of work.


The blue-moon full moon this weekend occurs in your house of sexuality and other people's money. Consider what you stand to inherit and pursue that line of thinking to its natural conclusion. Cold? Not really. Realistic? More likely. While the Leo sun is also shedding light on financial matters, you could discover a connection you didn't see before. Meanwhile, keep track of the annoying details that your Mercury ruler focuses on as it passes through critical Virgo. They're liable to become a big deal when Mercury turns retrograde next week.


Because full moons traditionally bring matters a Moon Child has been dwelling on to a head, the blue moon in rational Aquarius could help demystify a relationship that has you somewhat dazed and confused. And while perfect clarity won't be achieved as long as nebulous Neptune continues to send out mixed messages, with the help of the bright moon this weekend, you may be able to read between the lines. However, it's major developments in work, education or travel experiences that'll take center stage, especially for Crabs born in the '60s.


Read for Cancer. Some Lions share a similar scenario, particularly those who are trying to unravel connections that became tangled over time. History tends to rear its artistic, allegorical head whenever your birthday comes around, so if you feel you're being dragged back to the past, what with sampled tunes, retro fashions and movie remakes, relax; it won't hurt to go there. Something significant may be revealed when Jupiter, planet of progress and prosperity, activates clandestine Pluto in your house of romance and risk.


Brilliant is beautiful, exciting too. Keep that in mind in case you're being pressured to express the same opinions as your significant others. Thinking outside the box and acting accordingly might not be the most comfortable option right now, but because your Mercury ruler, in your sign no less, opposes independent Uranus this weekend, it makes sense to explore alternatives. Whether you'll be able to stick to your new guns is questionable: Fact-finding Mercury will challenge Uranus two more times before Virgo becomes history.


Before you know it, the days of rose wines and tea roses will be over, and you'll have to deal with a family or career matter you've managed so far this summer to skirt. Once your Venus ruler leaves gadabout Gemini on the 7th and enters security-conscious Cancer, the concept of home and hearth can exert a far greater influence. But if home is where your heart is, you'll find a way to get there, no matter how far from your current address. Meanwhile, the full moon this weekend is ideal for making music, movies and magical, memorable moments.


Growth is likely to spring from a group activity, be it your book club, an association of business colleagues or an organization such as MoveOn. By adhering to their agenda, you can achieve your next financial success. Rarely does expansive Jupiter, by squaring your powerful Pluto co-ruler, present such a choice opportunity to resurrect a moneymaking project. It'll be years before these major moguls are in as profitable a position as they are now, so no matter whether you sell rare sports memorabilia or buy a first edition, do it before Mercury turns retrograde.


It might not take on crisis proportions, but when your protective Jupiter ruler in your Virgo midheaven finally perfects its square to retentive Pluto in your sign, something's gotta give. You may already have had a vision of how your career can change, seen what new direction you could profitably pursue or how you might expand your influence in the community. Whichever opportunity appears this week, try to squelch legitimate fears and follow your destiny. The payoff can come as early as January 2005, when Jupiter, by then in Libra, and Pluto form a harmonious sextile.


This full moon highlights the spacy, spiritual side of Capricorn, the fishtail part that dreams rather than the goat head that schemes. However, by following your intuition and doing a little research, you may discover a novel way to increase your assets. Pay attention, because Mercury opposing Uranus across your money axis this week is not as fly-by-night an affair as it may seem. The details of this deal could keep you busy until Mercury goes direct again in mid-September. Meanwhile, more loving after Venus snuggles into your Cancer complement next weekend.


The full moon in Aquarius Saturday is also a blue moon, i.e., the second full moon in one month. Don't be surprised if the public (represented by the moon) focuses on you instead of your partner. Crazier things have happened. And if you're being quoted because of something clever you said, chalk it up to chatty Mercury drawing strength from your independent Uranus ruler. There's apt to be a lot more of that as August progresses and Mercury keeps referring to the offbeat, individualistic way Uranus shows you how to see things.


Read for Aquarius. Although it's not your sign's full moon, it is your poetic Neptune ruler that is dancing in the Aquarius moonlight. Project whatever image you wish; chances are it'll be swallowed - hook, line and sinker - by an adoring public. While your creative juices are flowing freely, your closest ally (or your competition) might be facing a crucial decision in his or her career. Any attempts to succeed and prosper could be thwarted by powerful people heavily invested in their own survival. Be careful.


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