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Sunny skies, sunny smiles. Joyful Leo arrives on the 22nd, and the beach party begins. But first, try to get rid of whatever is bothering you, the sore festering in your soul. While regenerative, redemptive Pluto is so prominent and so powerful, it'll be fairly easy to come clean. Or you can bury your problem until loving Venus comes around again next year to face the dark secret you're harboring. But rarely will you have the search-and-destroy energy of Mars cutting through the crap as you do this weekend. Its rewarding trine to Pluto should help the surgery go smoothly, and be a success. Next weekend: full moon, blue moon.


Now is a good time to change one thing about yourself, preferably a habit you've outgrown, into another. While your courageous Mars ruler is supported by passionate Pluto, and both trine your natal Aries planets, any improvement you decide on, whether well-thought-out or spur-of-the-moment, can be implemented fairly easily. There's precious little holding you back, except perhaps an obligation to family and flag. The power generated by these two planets also makes you exceptionally sexy and fertile, but if that's not your objective, be extra careful.


Lazy, hazy summer days like these are belied by the fact that you may be under more pressure than the rest of us. The tension could come from an urge to outdo other players in a "Who's telling the truth?" game, or the need to sidestep a challenge on the home front; maybe you're dreading the reappearance of a money matter that was bothering you at tax time. But none of these petty (in the grand scheme of things) problems should deter you from following your heart's desire. After all, lucky Jupiter won't be in your house of romance and risk forever!


A lot is going on. There's a chance you'll suddenly be able to change your work scene as well as your present address. Then there's the possibility that a long-term relationship could soon be transformed into something less toxic than it's been. Be sure to pay attention to the nuances you glean from conversations about your present situation, and, of course, to your intuition, which is currently acting like an antenna for advice from the higher powers that be. Remember that papers should be signed well before Mercury goes retrograde on August 9.


Although you might not feel eager-beaver bright and bushy-tailed about the future just yet, you can't help but sense that the weight of the last few weeks is lifting. Having a birthday, whether you celebrated raucously or quietly, can be another responsibility - e.g., pleasing the well-wishers - you didn't need. Since all that is in the past, let's not dwell there. Instead, look forward to the revelation about a relationship due to amaze you during the Aquarius full moon next weekend; that, and the abundance of attention you'll get when Venus enters your sign.


Tapping into one source of your creativity - e.g., stuff that can bubble up from your unconscious - might happen sooner than you think. Impulsive, courageous Mars in your sign is the only instrument sharp enough to cut through years of repression when it trines regenerative Pluto this weekend. If you don't give in to that fiery spirit of adventure now, you may have to wait another two years before Mars makes you this brave again. At the same time, a casual friend could decide this is the weekend to come on to you. Don't let that act be a distraction.


You're apt to become more detail-driven, certainly more analytical, after your Mercury ruler crosses into Virgo on Sunday. And while you might not attain certifiable brilliance until mid-September (when Mercury finally merges with wise Jupiter in your sign), consider yourself well on the way. You're also liable to encounter a detour while Mercury is retrograde the last three weeks in August, but that hiccup can be well spent double-checking your output, making sure you're presenting the very best of yourself. The rest of the summer, babe, is the time of your time!


A juicy secret may be revealed when truth-seeking Mars cuts through the wall of subterfuge that Pluto, in your house of communication and neighbors, has been building. Or a sibling could decide to come clean so that a family relationship can heal. Gracious and civilized as that may seem, wouldn't everybody concerned prefer if the rapprochement were postponed until Christmas? Other people's history may make for interesting gossip; however, it's time to let go of the painful past and get on with the new. Perhaps by the end of August?


You're certainly entitled to feel a sense of self-satisfaction (no gloating, please) now that your co-ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, are perfecting their eminently favorable trine aspect. Although the two planets have supported each other before, this time the benefits should show up in your zones of money earned and public acknowledgment. You're liable to get a better-paying job or a good review for the one you're doing, perhaps both. Also good is the attention from flirty Venus in your house of sex and other people's money, Scorpio's natural home base.


A B-movie of a weekend filled with obsessive-compulsive tendencies and a repugnant/attractive love story. Where are Susan Hayward and Bob Mitchum when you need them? Expect plenty of high drama and dark shadows as cleverly dialogued Venus in Gemini opposes mysterious Pluto in Sag. Meanwhile, macho Mars in Leo, the exhibitionist, could toss his two cents (and, no doubt, his hot rod) into the mix. Enjoy. Once the Aquarius moon reaches fullness next weekend, the focus shifts to money and other valuables. Artistic values, too.


Most of the planets are lined up on the far side of your solar chart, so if you're not that concerned about yourself, per se, it makes perfect sense (to me). Money matters may continue to be erratic while freewheeling Uranus is in your financial sector. Plus, your gig (or the services you're rendering to the universe) could seem off-target, because the planets involved are moving in their own mysterious ways. However, other people's money can materialize without much effort on your part. Enjoy this interlude; serious work is bound to follow.


One of the joys of solar Leo is the playful, forgiving attitude most folks have. And while you might not be completely relaxed yourself, at least your nearest and dearest aren't making too many demands. Unfortunately, the same can't be said of an overworked colleague who might also be depressed. Rather than complain, try to show some compassion. Not every sign has sociable, pleasure-giving Venus in its house of romance and recreation, or passionate Mars ruling the roost, strutting his stuff in its marriage house.


Mercury quietly slips into your Virgo complement this weekend and draws your attention to what's wrong and what's right with significant others, especially the youngsters. Try to be more open to their opinions (upsetting as they may be), because your kids, or the youth market, can be a major factor in your decision-making process throughout August and September. The sooner you learn what's up, the easier it'll be to maintain the peace. Just remember that there'll be a lot of revisions while Mercury is retrograde.


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