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It's time that this year's summer romance shifts into high gear. Take your best shot this weekend while the full moon provides a suitably romantic backdrop, and while Mars and Venus, the planets of desire and deep affection, are favorably aligned. A few adjustments or accommodations might be necessary, but not before the family makes its wishes known sometime during the Capricorn full moon on Sunday. After that, you should have an easy week with nothing disturbing the groove you're getting into.


Friendship, attraction and home decoration. It might sound trivial, but while your Mars ruler is floating through Pisces, aesthetics and ideals will matter more than you think they would. Because artistic, affable Venus favors Mars, chances are you'll fall in love with something, someone or a bunch of talented someones. Connecting to a group - be they musicians, surfers or furniture designers - is an experience worth looking forward to this week. You could also find yourself suddenly smitten by a new addition to the neighborhood.


It often happens, but it's no sure thing. Counting on a summer romance to lift you out of the doldrums can be tricky. Some years a rewarding trine between horny Mars and your Venus ruler takes hold, sometimes it doesn't. Assorted alignments between the two planets can make you hot, some leave you frustrated. Happily, this week the cosmic energies responsible for the war between the sexes are favoring peaceful coexistence. Anticipate happy times with the one you love, an enjoyable interlude free from familiar annoyances and arguments.


It being summer, the time to relax and enjoy yourself, you might not give a hoot that you're in line to make some money. However, since the Cancer-Capricorn full moon lights up your financial axis, it couldn't hurt to learn that an opportunity to cash in on some of life's necessities - food, water, shelter - may come to fruition this week. Whether you're really interested or simply curious depends on how badly you need a vacation. Because your Mercury ruler leaves concerned Cancer for playful Leo on Sunday, your decision could go either way.


The easiest thing to do right now is capitalize on having magnetic Venus in your sign. You can't help it; you're attracting attention and catching an assortment of interested eyes. Hooking up with a dazzling pair shouldn't take much effort. However, if you're intrigued by the subtler aspects of a romantic relationship, then you might have to pay some dues, e.g., pull off a rescue mission or something sneaky, like a secret tryst. Meanwhile the full moon in no-fooling Capricorn could reveal unconscious feelings about a partnership matter.


Adjusting your plans to suit your playmates might be the only glitch in this week's carefully planned agenda. While most full moons - i.e., oppositions between submerged lunar forces and your enlightening sun ruler - are stressful, the one this weekend shows how reasonable you can be when life makes sense. There are a lot of fanciful notions floating around, but, for a change, few are finding their way to you. While prudence is the prevalent vibe, take advantage: Do the work, pay the bills, get a step ahead of the game.


Your Mercury ruler shifts modes on Sunday, going out of "What about my needs?" Cancer and into "What will make everyone happy?" Leo. Because your priorities can change as suddenly as your attitude, you may act spontaneously, take a few chances, even do for others what you'd like them to do for you. Friends and associates might exert far greater influence as you discover how expressive you are when you're with other people. This creative spell won't last long; once Mercury enters critical Virgo on the 30th, the fun is over.


Glitz and a glint of glory are still raining down on you from on high. This weekend the cosmos has arranged for the family's good name, your own reputation, even the notoriety you've achieved over the years, to get the star treatment. Full-moon madness has no respect for privacy, so if a romance is building steam because hot-to-trot Mars and your Venus ruler are on excellent terms, don't be seen in public with your latest love. While the moon is full in Capricorn, the sign of traditional family values, it's best if you play it safe at home.


You could expand your reading list, seek out more interesting people, even plan a trip abroad, while the Cancer-Capricorn full moon favors some of the things you hold dear. This is also a good month for Scorpios who simply want to go with the flow, but if you're reaching for a higher goal, you could accomplish quite a lot. A certain amount of fortunate happenstance, a fair amount of imagination and a bit of discipline can bring results that far outweigh the effort you put in. Take advantage before shit happens.


Sagittarian Seers are often reluctant to play the money card, but during the annual Capricorn full moon, it's hard to avoid dealing with valuable items, somebody's cherished value system or financial matters in general. Try it and see how you make out. Other people's resources may also become much more important - who is offering what, how much and how soon? - during this tight time frame. If you can distract yourself by focusing on a pleasant situation at home with neighbors and extended family, all the more power to you.


The Capricorn full-moon weekend is the best time to concentrate exclusively on the things that'll make you happy, not on what you should do next. Luckily, this year it'll be easier than you expect. Simply surround yourself with people you care about and trust that they'll return the favor. While appreciative Venus and Mars are in a strong, supportive relationship, it'll be difficult to generate any friction among your chosen few. One or two may seem a little reticent at first, but before the weekend is over, they'll gladly change their tune.


Let your partner do it. Having Jupiter, the Greater Fortune, in your Leo marriage house for the past year should have convinced you that sometimes it's better to relinquish control than insist on having things your way. Since lucky Jupiter isn't going to be lighting up your married life much longer - it segues into Virgo in six weeks - get as many goodies as you can while you can. Spouses, allies and representatives may have the golden touch, but right now, on your own, you can influence impressionable children and teammates.


Don't do anything to rock the boat. This love fest you're enjoying could go on for at least another week if you keep things on an even keel. And with courageous Mars in your sign, you are more the captain of your fate than you've been in a while. Here's a novel idea: Instead of looking for variety and thrills, how about opting for security? You won't have to hide from temptation, either. Although friends and playmates won't get you into trouble, the full moon this weekend could bring out a touch of the werewolf in us all. More fun than fear.


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