Rockie Horoscope

August 15 - 21, 2008
Daydreams or dementia, fantasies or fallacies? We're playing in Neptune's ballpark this weekend, where fair is foul and foul is fair. And where each dubious call is exposed to both the Leo sun and the Aquarius full moon. Besides the partial lunar eclipse, Saturday also hosts the beneficial trine linking loving Venus with lucky Jupiter, one of those sweets-to-the-sweet situations. That's the upside; the downside is the potentially dangerous challenge militant Mars extends to subversive Pluto that night. Sunday's good news, courtesy of a favorable Mercury-Jupiter trine, might not be that big a deal unless you manage to finish the crossword in record time. On Tuesday Mars logs out of Virgo into Libra, where it'll fight for peace until October 3.


Searching for that special someone? Once your Mars ruler enters your Libra house of partners on the 19th, it should be a lot easier to focus on forging a suitable alliance. No more wondering how close to Virgo perfection the candidate must come. Rams born in mid-April may get an unexpected affirmation from the positive fire trine between the life-giving Leo sun and regenerative Pluto in Sagittarius. Is a creative project back on track? Will your trip be extended? Were you taken off the waitlist and officially approved?


Taurus pundits and publicists could get a leg up from the supportive trine between Mercury and Jupiter, the planets governing the written and spoken word, along with the folks who control media outlets. There may even be an opening big enough to get your foot in the door. Every Bull can benefit from the even more fortunate trine between artistic Venus ruler in Virgo and generous Jupiter in Capricorn, the other reality-based Earth signs. Look for an opportunity during the games people play, maybe via an attractive teammate.


Twins who live mainly in their heads tend to be less practical than the rest. That's why the merger on Friday of your Mercury ruler and constructive Saturn in earthy Virgo could serve as stabilizing influence. Their close connection can also increase your interest in a family or real estate matter. Be sure to factor in the promise of success tendered when Mercury and magnanimous Jupiter form a rewarding trine on Sunday. If that's not enough info to juggle, Mercury further complicates the matter during an either/or opposition with erratic Uranus on Thursday.


June Crabs should watch out for an irate sibling or neighbor holding a grudge. What promise hasn't been kept, what suggestion wasn't adopted? Attaining perfection (or a reasonable facsimile) won't be much of an issue after assertive Mars leaves Virgo on the 19th. Making peaceful overtures, as is the Libra custom, might be equally stressful, but not for long. The July-born continue to deal with money matters, some of which need further clarification before they can be resolved. Ask the pertinent questions midweek.


Few planetary aspects are as welcome as a rewarding trine between Venus and Jupiter, the "fortunate" planets of the crew. That Venus is currently in your Virgo house of valuables could tweak your anticipation of the goodies that may come your way this weekend. Luck can be a significant factor, so if you're in the vicinity of a raffle ticket, buy one. Ditto for casinos and bingo halls. The partial lunar eclipse may also be a factor, since it's your sun ruler that's diluting the dose of full moon magic we expect to be exposed to.


It's not going to happen again for a long while, so be sure to relish every drop of good fortune you may get while lucky, lovable Venus in Virgo perfects its rewarding trine to expansive Jupiter in your Capricorn house of romance, creativity and children. Sure, there might be more benefits when your Mercury ruler trines Jupiter on Sunday, but Venus is all about love, not scoring points, per se. On Tuesday energetic, occasionally abrasive Mars leaves your sign, not to return for another two years. And next Friday, solar Virgo begins a four-week gig glorifying your essence.


If Lions and Crabs can benefit from the wonderfulness of the Venus-Jupiter trine, imagine what it'll do for you. Although your Venus ruler forms this rewarding aspect twice a year, this week it favors a family or real estate matter that's been a concern, probably an extra expense as well, since 2008 began. For now, you don't have to do a thing but admire the ease with which the pieces fall into place. However, once take-action Mars enters Libra on the 19th, you may want to adopt more of a "hands-on" approach.


The full moon eclipse this weekend accentuates the Leo-Aquarius axis of your solar chart, the signs governing your career midheaven and what's going on at your house, within the family circle. Since Neptune's predilection for wishful thinking is permeating the atmosphere at home, try to clarify the situation there before the enthusiastic Leo sun cajoles your Pluto co-ruler into spending a lot of money for not a valid enough reason. But if a high-spirited celebration can be justified, this would be a good week to throw one.


The good, the bad and the iffy. First the good: a semi-annual trine between popular Venus and your prosperous Jupiter ruler on Saturday that can attract all sorts of goodies from an assortment of folks with excellent taste. The bad would be the disaster-prone square between macho Mars in your career midheaven and power-crazed Pluto in Sagittarius. Not a pretty picture. The iffy refers to Neptune's prominence while opposed this weekend by the brilliant Leo sun, also its proximity to the Aquarius full moon eclipse.


The emphasis shifts from the constructive criticism you've been getting, possibly giving, while your Saturn ruler has been in Virgo to the good fortune you're enjoying because advantageous Jupiter is in your sign. A rewarding trine to the gentle giant from artistic, affable Venus on Saturday may not bring that huge a benefit, but at the very least it'll smooth the way for the intelligent interaction, the successful negotiation that'll follow from Mercury's trine to Jupiter. That's the stuff publishing deals are made of.


If possible, don't piss off the powerful. But if you can't avoid testing how far an well-connected associate will go during the potentially explosive Mars-Pluto square this weekend or how deep his pockets are, then ask an ally, preferably your partner, to fix the situation when the sun favors Pluto midweek. This advice might sound too specific, but if you have Aquarius rising, it shouldn't. Crusading Mars' move into Libra, a compatible air sign, elevates the importance of achieving an authentic "fair and balanced" approach.


Contentious Mars leaving your Virgo marriage house could be a welcome relief or, if you've been enjoying Mr. Macho's horniness, a drag. However, you still have loving Venus, informative Mercury and pragmatic Saturn sending you signals. While these might not be dramatic enough to demand attention, the easy trine between Venus and lucky Jupiter can make this weekend more pleasurable than you expected. The Mercury-Jupiter trine on Sunday could be a harbinger of good news, a reward for something you set up a month ago, during the full moon in July.


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