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Sunday's Cancer new moon offers an opportunity to shed the shell protecting us from the unconscious emotions Crabs tend to stew in. Saturn in Cancer, strengthened by the sun-moon meeting, could be a stabilizing force for the family and the nation; it may also lend support to the movement gaining steam from the rebellious Mars-Uranus conjunction in Pisces. Expansive Jupiter in Leo and powerful Pluto in Sag form their third rewarding trine on July 1, thereby closing the chapter that began last October. So how many plutocrats, not to mention bishops and athletes, have been rehabilitated in the interim? What lesson have you learned?


Rams haven't been in this good a position to make that all-important leap to virgin territory for ages. So when the Cancer new moon presents an opportunity to expand your social life, maybe even amp up your current lifestyle, don't dismiss it. Because prudent Saturn is part of the new-moon configuration, there'll be a family connection, perhaps a tradition, supporting the upcoming change that can keep you from going too far or too fast. High-spirited fun and games, supersmarts for Rams born in early April.


Bulls will be able to put their finances in much better order once the Cancer new moon starts working its magic. Even if your earnings appear intermittently, e.g., you freelance, having superorganized Saturn in Cancer over the next two years will help you structure, and be faithful to, a long-range financial plan. It'll also add gravitas to other decisions - rent or buy, play it safe or take a chance, be a true-blue or "when convenient" friend - based on what you, not your peer group, truly value.


As soon as your Mercury ruler dips its toes into subconscious Cancerian waters Sunday morning, you may notice that you're more aware of the emotional currents running through the family. After Mercury touches base with other powerful planetary forces and transmits their message, you'll be pleased to learn that your approval rating has gone up considerably. By the Fourth of July weekend, you could well be the only channel through which the rest of the folks are communicating, the bearer of breakthrough news and/or glad tidings.


Periodically, Norman Mailer's "The Time of Her Time" pops up, usually when it's some sign's Time. Well, dear Moon Child, this is yours. Not only will the moon and sun, Saturn and Mercury, converge in Cancer in the next few days, you'll also have affectionate, artistic Venus on hand for Independence Day festivities. While these cosmic forces amplify each other, they'll also connect to Mars and Uranus in Pisces. That's a lot of cosmic energy centered on and radiating from you. If it all seems too much, if you need to hide your luster, we'll understand.


The last of the three rewarding trines linking protective Jupiter at 18 Leo to transformational Pluto at 18 Sagittarius is exact on July 1. Because this favorable connection lasts for weeks, you may have already benefited from the power of love or - heaven forbid! - the love of power. What began in October at the first trine, and underwent an adjustment in February, is now finishing up. Apply this timeline to you own life to see how you've matured in the last nine months. No clue? Your growth spurt has yet to come.


Read for Gemini. It's the Mercury ruler you share that has the greatest impact on what's happening with both signs. For a change, and for the time being, Mercury's effect is purely beneficial, but it can also be quite subtle. If you need proof that it's working on your behalf, take a look at how Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces natives figure into your plans for July. These are the people who'll support your reaction to career matters as well as your response to family members and casual friendships.


A new cycle starts Sunday as the new moon launches a month of travel and/or learning from life's more meaningful experiences. Whether your understanding of world affairs will change is open to discussion, but after your Venus ruler meets tradition-bound Saturn in Cancer, your appetite for a foreign culture, its history, art and cuisine, could be altered in subtle ways. You might feel like you're one of the family or, conversely, realize that you're distancing yourself from what used to be a comfortable situation. Either way, a costly lesson.


More money matters. Chances are the new moon in early Cancer takes place in your house of joint financial affairs. If so, assume you're in for a month of discussions and decisions about what course of action would best suit both of you. If not, read for Libra. Anticipate an influx of pertinent information while curious Mercury passes through Cancer, plus a hearty helping of affection when Venus arrives on the Fourth. Favorable, albeit out-of-the-ordinary, changes at home round out the mutual support the planets are lending the water signs.


Read for Leo; then try to track the course of events since October that had a bearing on what you've gone through since then. Born-again Pluto in your sign doesn't necessarily mean you've experienced a religious revival; it could, however, indicate a significant alteration in your outlook and expectations for the future. While Pluto and your optimistic Jupiter ruler perfect the rewarding trine aspect, relish the sense of satisfaction - or is that sweet revenge? - their connection has provided.


An onslaught of information while your Saturn ruler meets Mercury on Monday can be overwhelming as well as misleading. Rather than act on first impressions, wait a bit and let the facts get sorted from the emotional reactions of the people involved. The annual Cancer new moon tends to elevate moodiness to an art form, and, because Saturn is in the sign of the Moon Child for the first time since 1976, you might succumb to those wishy-washy lunar influences. A whole lot of loving next week while Venus embraces Saturn; buy the good sheets.


The admiration and respect of your co-workers is nice, but winning a cash prize for something you adore doing - fishing, baking, wolfing down hot dogs - is better. The nature of the reward coming this week depends on which side of Groundhog Day you were born on. Just know that the stars are shining on all Aquarians, so whether you want a huge favor from a friend, a great gift from your partner, good news from the doctor or another pre-approved credit card, you've got it. More goodies from romantic Venus next weekend.


The cozy, comfy Cancer new moon should be a soothing balm for Pisces recovering from the challenges thrown in their path by dualistic Gemini energy. After Mercury enters Cancer on Sunday and Venus crosses over on the Fourth, you're finished taking family loyalty tests for another year. Well, maybe a pop-up quiz at Christmas. Begin something completely new and different this July; you won't have this much sterling support for whatever groundbreaking event or outrageous behavior you want to indulge in for another two years.


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