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The authoritative Capricorn full moon on the 2nd amplifies the historical, patriarchal bent, the Founding Fathers theme that's played up for Independence Day. That reactive moon also emphasizes the fear and negativity the nation is feeling as the Cancer sun and constrictive Saturn prepare to meet on the 8th, close to, but no longer dead on, the USA's and George W. Bush's natal sun degree. Who's getting zapped by the conjunction now? Donald Rumsfeld! Since Saturn brings limits and loss, let's hope he loses his job soon. Loquacious Mercury shifts from cautious Cancer to creative Leo on the 4th, just in time for more colorful, upbeat speeches.


Right now Rams can benefit or, depending on the latest phone call, feel overwhelmed by parental obligations and family traditions. Bear with those burdens and enjoy the rewards, because this is a relatively rare occurrence. It's only during the Independence Day and Christmas holidays that you're caught in the crunch between the maternal concerns of Cancer and those of proprietary, paternal Capricorn. After you satisfy the folks, you can go back to hanging with your creative Leo and adventurous Sagittarius playmates.


Relax. Progress may seem slow because your Venus ruler is moving slowly. So what! Summer is here, and you deserve a break from your routine. Actually, now would be a good time to take a few short trips, visit relatives and former classmates, attend a festival, pretend you're back in school. Any type of recreation could be the revitalizing tonic that'll get you in shape, physically and mentally, for the huge burst of creativity coming in the fall. Meanwhile, try to avoid the fanatic in the family and accidents in the kitchen.


Dressing up and stepping out? While your Mercury ruler travels through theatrical Leo (until the 25th), you can come up with new ways to display your creativity, especially a dramatic way with words. You could also learn a valuable lesson from the sun's merger with constructive Saturn in your money house: how to put some other assets to work and how to do more with less. However, at the same time, Venus in your sign, by aligning with expansive, enthusiastic Jupiter, urges you to spend more on yourself and your surroundings. Another typically Gemini contradiction!


The last of the dire predictions issued for Crabs and the country is scheduled for the 8th, when the sun and dues-paying Saturn meet. If the worst thing that results from their merger is another reason to feel anxious or depressed, consider your dues paid. If not exactly off the hook, July birthdays aren't due for a gut-wrenching challenge until the Libra sun squares Saturn two weeks before the election. On the upside, opportunity knocks when the sun and prosperity-minded Jupiter align this week. Happy birthday!


You're getting a preview now of what'll come to fruition after the sun enters Leo on the 22nd. With both Mercury and Mars traveling through your sign, you might have noticed that your perceptions are sharper, that you're communicating more effectively, more colorfully, too. You should have more energy, and even your libido may be on the rise. However, you're also inclined to fantasize about an elusive partnership and willingly buy into whatever pretty picture a somewhat significant other is painting. Stop in the name of love!


Let's hope your social life reflects the abundance of planetary activity in your Cancerian house of friends, hopes and wishes. This is also the area where sociopolitical issues resonate and alliances are forged. A major one can emerge when the family-oriented Cancer sun meets Saturn, the general, on the 8th. And while you might not want to assume more responsibilities, this conjunction could affect the abundance you picture yourself enjoying in the future. What follows may not qualify as a challenge, more like a sidebar.


The family's good name, your performance at work, even your employer's reputation, can be the issues you'll be dealing with while so much planetary power is concentrated at the top of your solar chart, in your midheaven. A lot of people, some of them government officials, could be paying attention, both to the situations that have frustrated you and to those that have made you more respectable. If you were running for parent of the year, you'd be a shoo-in. Imagine, without having to buy anyone's vote!


Get out of town; the farther you can go, the better off you'll be. And if you can get away for "business purposes," that's even better. While your Mars co-ruler travels through Leo, you'll have more opportunities to show off, no matter what your talent may be. Although the more secretive Scorpios will prefer to hide their light under a bushel basket, there are some who'll relish being in the spotlight. Meanwhile, should your guru beckon, heed the call. Now is also a good time to get serious about your studies and honor your mentor.


A relationship that seemed to be going nowhere could be headed for a mutually satisfactory resolution. Now that accommodating Venus in your Gemini house of allies and antagonists is inching forward, you might think you're simply retracing steps you took when taxes were due. Uh-uh. There's a chance there's another destination that won't be revealed until Venus reaches out to your ever-hopeful Jupiter ruler for the third and final time, around the 20th. Until then, pay the bills, maintain the status quo.


The follow-up to an important conversation or the transference of crucial information may occur when the sun meets your problem-solving Saturn ruler on the 8th. This is their second conjunction in your Cancer marriage house, so consider what happens now a blueprint for building a stronger relationship over the next 12 months. Burdensome, difficult, frustrating, enervating, anxious, bored - these are some of the feelings you may harbor about the partnership. But Saturn will eventually move on, and the weight will be lifted.


This would be a fine time to check into alternative, effective health practices. While the nurturing Cancer sun meets paternal Saturn, your ancient ruling planet, a bell inside your head may ring loud and clear. It could be a warning signal or an invitation to celebrate. Either way, make sure that the small stuff is being attended to, that all contingencies are covered. Same thing applies to your gig. No matter how much faith you may have in the system that's in place, now is not the time to let things slide.


Fish who crave a bit of stability could get more than they bargained for while the supportive Cancer sun joins forces with tradition-minded Saturn. This merger is about parenting, with a big, fat P. What happens this week can set the tone for relations with children, older students and younger lovers for the next 12 months. Who thought that teaching would be the answer to "How I spent my summer vacation"? So, whether your area of expertise is academic, artistic or athletic, prepare to spend quality time pursuing consistency and success.


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