Rockie Horoscope

This is the weekend to worry. Aggressive Mars has just passed its position, 27 Aquarius, on the USA's natal chart. The Gemini sun is on the USA Mars, while the Sagittarius full moon opposes and illuminates the accent on militarism. Both orbs are squaring Neptune (oil, drugs, movies, music and faith) on the USA's 22+ Virgo midheaven. Saturn recently crossed into patriotic Cancer; erratic, aeronautic Uranus just turned retrograde in early Pisces. Plus, it's Flag Day! Better hope we get to Father's Day without a crisis of conscience. Sunday is properly paternal; the Capricorn moon is void-of-course, so it won't make much difference what you do. Same goes for Monday, although that evening Mars enters Pisces for a long - six months instead of six weeks - strange trip.


The Sagittarius full moon should confirm the fact that your quest for greater meaning in your life is paying off. But if your higher power or current guru doesn't point out what the next step in your evolution should be, look at what made you laugh. A healthy sense of humor is essential. Your easily irritated Mars ruler will be piddling around in Pisces for the next six months instead of briskly marching through a sign in the usual six to seven weeks. Musicians, image-makers and fishermen might not mind; the rest will have to make the best of it.


How's your credit rating? A full moon in Sagittarius illuminates your relationship to other people's money and the karma accumulated by living off your cards. Inheritances, taxes and insurance policies also fall under this cosmic flashlight, as does your sex life. Philosophical Sag ruling your eighth house tends to give you an "easy come, easy go" attitude about all of the above. So no matter how your personal drama plays out, you'll have an interesting time this weekend. Good thing there's a father figure to turn to.


A yo-yo vibe is in effect this week, and if you don't pay attention, it may drive you to distraction. Uranus, the planet of chaos and sudden change, is exerting a strong influence on your rational Mercury ruler, as well as on loving Venus, also in your sign. Although Mars doesn't join Uranus in watery Pisces until June 23, by the end of our week, the sensitive Twin could feel danger looming. Accidents and earthquakes tend to happen when those cosmic energies make contact. Better reconsider your plans to fly or scuba-dive.


A lunar event NOT in eclipse should be reason enough to be glad. But if the full moon doesn't have sufficient romantic implications for the Moon Child, it could still deliver something you felt was missing at the Gemini new moon/solar eclipse two weeks ago. Because Sagittarius energy searches for the truth or the lesson inherent in every experience, your everyday routine can have greater meaning than it does any other time of the year. Spend some time this weekend expanding your horizon, learning what you need to know to move on.


It's only because your sun ruler was eclipsed at the new moon that I'm advising you to expect something less during the full moon than the lion's share. Such a calamitous break in the social order could come while you're on a date, playing a sport or entertaining the kid. That's because Sagittarius rules your house of romance and risk, and this is the area the full moon shines on. Lovers, actors and circus performers should do well this weekend, and since lucky Jupiter is in Leo, so should gamblers. But not as well as they expect.


Right now, home might not be where the heart is, but it can be your point of departure. This weekend, the mobile Sag full moon may spur thoughts of taking a long trip, renting an RV or moving to another location entirely. Your work scene is likely to change now that Saturn has left Gemini for the more nurturing environment Cancer will offer. Fewer challenges, frustrations and disappointments at this point in your career could be just what the doctor ordered. Assertive, frequently combative Mars enters your Pisces house of partners on the 16th; steel yourself.


Tootle around town this weekend, check out a neighborhood festival, contact friends and relatives near and far. The full moon in your Sag house of communication, education and commuting can make those activities more enjoyable as well as more profitable. Maybe not in a monetary sense, but you might discover things about yourself and these places and people you hadn't realized before. Intellectual, spiritual and psychological growth is a big part of the Sagittarius syllabus. How about signing up for a class?


Unlike Librans, Scorpions may actually make money from their Sag full-moon experience. The sign that governs your earnings and acquisitions can offer an opportunity to profit not only from your wealth of experience, but also from your assets. Talent would count, so would goods you're willing to disperse, especially something you've rescued or repaired. Your Pluto co-ruler is being lit by this moon, and your Mars co-ruler crosses into Pisces, a psychic water sign like your own. What do you foresee?


Commemorate the full moon in your sun sign or celebrate a sense of relief from stern Saturn moving out of Gemini, your sign of partners. Assume that whatever gets shaken up this weekend will be interesting and innovative, a far cry from the sameness you've endured these many months. And while Mars in your Pisces home base can fuel the fires of uncertainty (Uranus is already there), it could also move you to do something about whatever is currently irritating you - a neighbor, your landlord, parking permits, erratic cable service, etc.


Coincidence or synchronicity? Father's Day this year arrives with a paternal Capricorn moon that is void-of-course all day and all night. Nothing you do or, more likely, don't do will have any consequences. Be cheerful or be cranky; give, get or forget a gift, it won't matter. Since the Sag full moon falls in your house of retreat, and Luna is void Saturday night and most of Monday, this would be a good time to disappear. Next weekend is the summer solstice, when a Capricorn presence is very much in demand.


Total relief or merely a rest? It all depends on how motivated and energized you were by having Mars move through Aquarius. Did you accomplish all that you desired? Because your Uranus ruler is making mischief as it teases clever Mercury and affectionate Venus, you probably won't have time this weekend to decide. But after Mars enters Pisces on the 16th, you might miss the periodic surges of physical energy and red-hot anger Mars provided. Enjoy the break; next weekend Mars gets too close to Uranus for anyone's comfort.


The full moon this weekend in your Sagittarius midheaven will almost certainly focus your attention on a family and/or career matter that is making you uncomfortable. Since Sag is the perennial professor, you're being urged to please learn your lesson already, and get on to the next one. But this year, because heavy-duty Saturn has moved out of Gemini, you shouldn't feel as guilty as you have the past two years. Why not simply accept the fact that June and December are difficult times for Pisces. Virgo, too.


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