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The Memorial Day weekend comes packed with promise and disruptions. Most disturbing would be whatever surfaces when the Gemini sun squares unpredictable Uranus on Saturday. This is the first episode in what will become a seven-year saga as Uranus makes its way through Pisces. Tell your version of the tale to an appreciative audience Monday while chatty Mercury and affable Venus combine good taste and talent. Everybody will be charming, well-spoken and amenable, but don't press your luck. This weekend distressed Jupiter won't play fair, and that could cost much more than you intend to spend. Tuesday may feel particularly strange as a hyperbolic Neptune distorts perceptions and principles. Beware the hype, the scam, the song and dance, as you head back to the daily grind.


Your friends may think you're simply being sociable, showing up without much arm-twisting and earning Brownie points along the way. Could it be that accommodating others is part of your grand scheme? While your Mars ruler makes its way through inventive Aquarius, you're bound to come up with something uniquely your own. Since finances will play an integral part in whatever is begun at the solar eclipse on the 30th, for the next three months acquiring and distributing the money might be the best trip you can take.


Promote yourself. This is the best time in quite a while to get the word out, display your talent and make sure other people know about it. While Mercury, the press agent, merges with your tasteful Venus ruler in your own sign - not that common an occurrence! - don't take any opportunity offered for granted or assume there'll be another one around the corner. The air of glamour surrounding you now helps attract someone of some importance next week. Won't you be surprised!


Not only will you put some money where your mouth is, you might also make a considerable donation to an organization you still have faith in. The ACLU? Ozzfest? Idols, ideals, illusions and income are so intertwined right now, it'll be difficult to separate the real deal from the wannabe. Since career concerns are about to change radically, who knows what your next assignment will be or what skill you'll be adding to your r??sum??? Just be glad that Saturn leaving your sign takes that sense of impending doom with it.


Two new moons in one month can make May memorable in more ways than you realize. Starting two separate agendas, one dealing with your standing at work, one about friends or your affiliation with a group, could put more on your plate than a picky Crab needs now that summer, your season in the sun, is almost here. After stern Saturn moves into your sign on June 2, those born near the Gemini cusp may be given additional responsibilities and, consequently, a lot more respect. Now is the time to get down to serious business.


Are you eccentric, inventive or just way ahead of the curve? You'll find out which it is the first time your sun ruler squares erratic Uranus in Pisces. This new challenge can be quite different from the ones issued over the past seven years, when Uranus was in your Aquarius complement. From now on, the test results, while surprising, shouldn't be as disruptive. Some relationships may still be hard to decipher, but lucky Jupiter in Leo will protect you from whatever tricks nebulous Neptune in your partnership house has up its sleeve.


Like the Lion, the Virgin could also be waiting for test results from the sun's first significant challenge to Uranus in your Pisces house of partners. Which relationship will be shaken up? Who will introduce a new element to the current setup, and how weird might that be? Since lovable Venus has joined up with your Mercury ruler, the next six weeks should be very social and you, exceptionally popular. You'll also be able to express yourself with grace, imagination and wit instead of intimidating your audience with details and data.


Despite having high hopes for a happy and/or a judicious ending, this week you may have to choose between the lesser of two "evil" alternatives. Should you lend your good name to a domestic matter that reeks of duplicity and doubt or should you support someone who is willing to buy your approval? His or her generosity knows no bounds, but because your Venus ruler can put you in a compromising position - greedy and gullible - you can't count on the customary stroke of Libran luck to get you out of this dilemma. Interesting.


To work or not to work, and what exactly for? The final opposition between musical, mystical Neptune in your home base and enthusiastic, expansive Jupiter in your career midheaven should end any further vacillating on your part. While Jupiter promises prosperity and protection, Neptune presents a pretty picture of domestic bliss. Reality comes into play when your mate adds his or her two cents' worth, which, for another month, will be invaluable. If you can't make a decision, let your partner do it.


Should you hold to your altruistic, artistic principles or try to make a profit? Mutually exclusive alternatives can make this Memorial Day weekend truly memorable. As your protective Jupiter ruler confronts idealistic Neptune for the last time in what'll seem like ages, 12 years, you could be forced into a life-altering decision. And while neither option is detrimental, one will make you happier than the other. Don't flip a coin; Venus and Jupiter, your good-luck charms, are out of sync this week.


The little things that mean a lot will come to mean a lot more once your Saturn ruler moves into Cancer for the next 30 months. Your daily routine, e.g., feed the dog, pick up the cleaning, go to work, pay the Visa bill, can become a source of satisfaction simply because Saturn will be in an emotional water sign that nurtures your innate earthiness. A stronger, more fulfilling relationship with a partner develops when Saturn crosses into your marriage house. And that depends on your birthday: Late December or January?


Some call it spirituality and some call it bullshit, but no matter what your opinion is about faith-based issues, this week there's way too much of it. Nebulous Neptune in your sign is projecting an aura of saintliness and self-sacrifice. An enthusiastic, well-funded partner could urge you to have even greater expectations, and suddenly your folks are making a million demands. Where's that weekend yoga retreat when you need it? Thank God the versatile Gemini new moon introduces alternative ways of handling domestic matters.


Make it a habit. Since your Neptune ruler is in Aquarius, and their ruling planet, Uranus, is in Pisces for the next seven years, Fish will be aware of a lot more if you read for both signs. Same goes for the Water Bearers. Tell them to pay attention to the debut of the sun's square to Uranus; how that challenge plays out can set the stage for scenes along similar lines in the future. Expect to be enlightened, because Uranus awakens as well as disturbs. As for Neptune and the vision/scam you're promoting, try to tone it down.


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