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Memorial Day weekend brings changes that may well be memorable. If you're thinking of taking off early, keep in mind that the sun's square to disruptive Uranus on Thursday could cause delays at airports or otherwise account for a change of plans. The highly imaginative and rarely truthful Mercury-Neptune square that night doesn't help; it's what clouds men's minds, the stuff that dreams are made of. Stay home instead and write a poem. But if and when you do get to where you're going, be prepared to spend lots of money. A provocative square from the Gemini sun to generous Jupiter on Sunday practically guarantees it. The less said about the achy-breaky Venus-Pluto opposition under the Sagittarius full moon Wednesday night, the better.


Attention must be paid, an adjustment should be made. Listen carefully for what is not being said, and don't pretend you didn't see the signs. Changes could come down fast and furiously when the dual-edged Gemini sun intensifies the connection between a casual acquaintance of yours and a loved one. Suddenly everything becomes a lot more expensive as you try to embrace (or cover for) an uncomfortable situation that peaks over the holiday weekend. The adjustment happens midweek at the full moon. Let go and let the gods, Venus and Pluto, guide you.


The pressure to get rid of the crap that keeps you from moving on intensifies. You'll probably dump some of it on someone fairly significant, symbiotic and sympathetic, too, during the full moon next Wednesday, but you won't be able to chuck it all. However, you are on the right track. Keep an open mind about real career choices; don't limit yourself to those you daydream about. Because your Venus ruler is in reverse until the end of June - and spends July retracing its steps - you might not see actual progress until August.


There's no sure-fire way to prepare for the unexpected, but you ought to know that someone up there - Uranus with his carefully aimed thunderbolt? - wants you to do something entirely different. Jump for joy? Jump ship? Answer the call? Heed the warning? This is a critical week not only because the Gemini-Sagittarius full moon Wednesday night spotlights the likes and dislikes, the push-pull of a close relationship, but also because loving Venus in your sign, by confronting powerful, occasionally abusive Pluto, urges you to do the same.


Hold back or push forward? The fuller the moon gets, the easier it'll be to see your way clear to making the choice. In fact, those alternatives might not be contradictory much longer. Soon enough you'll know what to move ahead with and what to conserve or try to preserve. Chances are that you'll feel very generous toward friends and fellow club members over the holiday weekend, so be prepared to spend accordingly. Or, if you feel your state of mind is leaning too heavily on the upswing, to rein in some of that enthusiasm. Take your meds.


While you may be willing to be surprised, even somewhat astounded, you're not particularly eager to spend a small fortune in the process. Consider this a not-so-subtle invitation to take a few chances, to try your luck. Gambling is a pastime best engaged in when your sun ruler and jolly Jupiter in your Virgo money house interact, as they will this weekend. A friendly game of cards, a horserace in the great outdoors, two teams vying for supremacy; whatever action appeals. As long as you're with like-minded folks, you'll feel richly rewarded.


Memorial Day weekend signals the start of summer vacation for some, but not you. This year the cosmos insists that you concentrate on your career and/or your reputation in the community. While the Gemini sun challenges expansive Jupiter in your sign, along with your natal Virgo planets, you're likely to get a superduper occasion you can rise to. If you're even a teeny bit bipolar, expect very high highs; however, if a toxic family member intrudes on your scene, the low could be devastating. Cleanse and purge, physically, mentally, psychologically.


The airy Gemini vibration favors the qualities about Libra that everyone likes best. It also tends to throw other people's money your way, a definite plus for yourself and the neediest/greediest of your current dependents. However, when your sociable Venus ruler and manipulative Pluto face off midweek, an ordinary full-moon experience might turn into a heavy-duty, emotion-laden, either-or, me-vs.-you situation. Giving up something or someone in your immediate surroundings could be the price you have to pay for keeping the peace.


A young relative can exert an inordinate amount of influence on your plans for the holiday weekend. Expect to turn around and head for home if a willful child acts up, but if the kid is older and a bona fide hottie, you may have to summon all your powers of persuasion to keep the situation under control. Or you could simply let his or her beauty and charm win you over, and forget about your determination to call the shots or be the voice of authority. Either way, the ride you're about to take can cost you dearly.


If you sense your strings are being pulled by forces beyond yourself, you're right. This week you're being out-manipulated by the sun, the moon and the planets. Namely, the Gemini sun is challenging your enthusiastic Jupiter ruler by urging you to do more, give more, reach higher. Then magnetic Venus, by opposing subterranean Pluto in your sign, is urging you to submit to a passion, a hunger that dares not speak its name. Hopefully, by the time the moon is full in Sagittarius Wednesday night, you'll know what to call it.


If all you do this week is recover from what happened when Mars collided Monday night with your Saturn ruler (or hasn't the full impact hit yet?), it'll be enough of an accomplishment. Let the air and the mutable signs deal with the changing tide; Goats need to find their sea legs. If you can also avoid spending like a drunken sailor in the process, so much the better. Undue pressure on your financial houses suggests that the fun planned for the holiday weekend is way overpriced. Since when do you pay to play?


Surprises and confusion. The long holiday weekend could get off to a shaky start, so don't rush into anything until you have a clearer idea of where you're headed and with whom. Despite your diplomatic Aquarian efforts, there's a good chance that a homogeneous group of friends will divide into factions and become fractious. The full extent of this breakup might not be obvious until the full moon on the 2nd. Try to refrain from offering solutions that probably won't work until sociable Venus turns direct at the end of June.


Confusion and surprises. A good week to eschew involvement with the family, your boss and the government, because you're liable to misinterpret what you hear and, based on false information, act out of character. Think of the next few days as a fierce Gemini windstorm and find a safe, cozy place to hide out. After the 2nd, when the madcap, mutable full moon has peaked, you can contact folks and see what damage has been done. Or, if you're lusting after a memorable experience, hang out with the rest of us and wing it.


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