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It may not be Halloween; still, your favorite witches and warlocks could be out in full force. If you don't catch a glimpse of them by the 14th, while fiery Mars in Aquarius stokes the dreams and delusions of mystical Neptune, you'll probably sense their presence during the total eclipse of the Scorpio full moon on the 15th. That's also the day Neptune turns retrograde for five months; the ruler of music and movies goes direct just as Scorpio begins. Make a note. Would you believe that Mother's Day is the only safe and sane day in this entire weird week? Spend it wisely.


One of those astonishing moments spent in the public eye is coming up on the 14th. During the once-every-two-year meeting of your crusading Mars ruler and photogenic Neptune, you could be surrounded by fans and photographers, even a few foes. The Scorpio full-moon eclipse the next day intensifies the significance - and for Rams, the financial implications - of whatever happens this week. Don't blow off a chance to cash in on your 15 minutes of fame; just make sure your version of the event is both educational and entertaining.


Home may be where the heart is, but right now it's also a pit consuming all the money you can throw that way. "Never enough!" could likewise be the motto of a rambunctious family member. As amusing (to some, not you) as this situation may seem, during the total eclipse on the 15th, your tolerance for the people involved can disappear as quickly and dramatically as the moon. Relax - the very next day your Venus ruler moves into Taurus, bearing her customary gifts of affection, artistry, pleasure and profit. Better parties, too.


Knowing that your retrograde Mercury ruler is turning direct on the 20th could shift your focus to the future instead of what's happening now. Whether this is a mistake, only time can tell. However, since Mercury is tied into the powerful polarity between trailblazing Mars and magnanimous Jupiter in your financial houses, you should be quite excited by the tremendous potential for progress and prosperity generated by their alliance. Where do the Twins fit in? Raising the capital or selling the concept?


A total lunar eclipse can have a long-range influence on world events and the people involved, but it's the personal life of the ordinary Moon Child that is immediately affected by this phenomenon. Check out where 25 degrees of Scorpio falls on your natal chart, because that's the area in which you'll experience a revelation, a possible struggle and, finally, a transformation. If you have Cancer rising, the eclipse occurs in your fifth house of romance, risk, recreation, and creations such as your offspring, artwork and performances.


Bewitched, bothered or bewildered, but not much longer. Once impressionable Neptune in your Aquarius house of partners turns retrograde on the night of the full-moon eclipse, you won't be as receptive to fantasies, fables and fibs. But until then, the fog you've been drifting through might get thicker, the boundaries between you and a loved one blurrier, and your ego even more bloated. While Jupiter magnifies the mystical aspects of a close relationship, input from impulsive Mars can send it over the top.


Tread gingerly this week. What happens in the days before your retrograde Mercury ruler flips on the 20th is repeated, with some variations, in the days that follow. Since the current connections to Mercury are sharpening your perceptions and giving you more physical energy, now would be a good time to check out a new athletic activity. Read up on the sport (e.g., skydiving), find a class and an instructor, but don't jump out of the plane until Mercury goes direct. Or you could do research for an article instead.


Because the lunar eclipse on the 15th casts its shadow across your Scorpio money house, take the time to inspect all financial transactions. Maybe the bank won't lose your deposit, maybe the sales clerk will waken from her stupor before the final tally, and maybe you'll remember where you stashed your emergency fund. A lot of action at home - family stuff that could be resolved now that Mars is cutting through layer upon layer of duplicity, the "if only" hypothetical bull expounded by delusional Neptune.


The annual Scorpio full moon is weird enough - you usually come across a nasty little secret you can sink your teeth into - but when it's a total lunar eclipse, a truly mysterious matter can emerge from the darkness. Since Mercury is still retrograde in the sign of your significant others, a long-lost memory may also surface. Meanwhile, your militant Mars co-ruler is steering you deeper into the fantasy world of Neptune. This works for despots, dancers and dream analysts; animators and game designers, too. Not you; be careful.


Some Archers might feel the impact in their wallets; others get a hit while online or on the road. No matter which aspect of your life is affected by crusading Mars' merger with visionary Neptune, it'll make quite an impression. God, is this the moment you get religion? Will you turn into a garden-variety fanatic? High hopes accompany most everything you do during this odd time slot. Know that the Scorpio full-moon eclipse emphasizes services rendered by and for you, the details of your job description, and the co-workers who count.


Your friends and lovers, their allegiances and antipathies, could be creating a minicrisis that should reach its peak, and erupt, during the full-moon eclipse on the 15th. How involved in their drama do you have to be? If you prefer, not at all. Not that you won't catch some flak, but unless you've done something truly awful - no aspects to your Saturn ruler show anything like that - you can rise above the lunacy. Let the people concerned settle their differences without your input or your money. Sound too idyllic?


Every now and then you get to enjoy a Don Quixote moment, a chance to dream the impossible dream. That may happen on the 14th, when visionary Neptune in your sign and Mars, the brave warrior, conspire to transport you beyond the customary bounds of reality. No doubt other people will be drawn to your aura and your trip, but since there's a total lunar eclipse in the works, try to separate the true seeker from the certifiable crazy. It won't be easy. The Scorpio full moon can have a dramatic impact on your career and family plans.


If you thought you were hot last week, wait until you see how easily you can cloud men's minds this week. When adventurous Mars meshes with your imaginative Neptune ruler, there are precious few situations you can't envision and endorse. You might also persuade an influential group to follow your lead. Whatever you do come up with should be very entertaining and, because protective Jupiter is waiting in the wings, quite profitable. The Scorpio full-moon eclipse may slam a door that was recently opened, such as a chance to travel to a place filled with intrigue.


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