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Slow down, you move too fast, you've got to make this feeling last. At least through the weekend. Come Monday, things are bound to be different because both affectionate Venus and musical Neptune turn retrograde. Mercury in early Taurus finally advances past the point at which it went into reverse six weeks ago. Plus impulsive, action-oriented Mars perfects a rare, mutually advantageous trine to unpredictable, but often explosive, Uranus. Then the new moon Tuesday night introduces a whole new set of circumstances to deal with after the sun enters speedy Gemini on Thursday. Change is good?


Rams are being urged by the cosmos to opt now for something entirely different, even if the choice seems rooted in the past. Relax, Monty Python nuttiness it's not. Nonetheless, new people, new alliances can fit into your current mindset like a comfy pair of shoes. Is it because your antsy Mars ruler and Uranus in Pisces, the sign of the feet, are in a rare period of accord? The value-conscious Taurus new moon introduces a new money matter, an inventive way of earning it or, at least, an interesting variation on old business.


There's a lot going on this week, so before you let yourself be seduced by one alternative or another, wait to see all the possibilities unfold. Mercury entering your sign on Saturday brings the written and spoken word back to center stage. Say what's on your mind. Neptune in your career midheaven will apply less pressure when it turns retrograde for the summer, but the shift may be too subtle to notice for a while. Your Venus ruler also flips on Monday, so you could feel disoriented until the Taurus new moon checks in late Tuesday.


If you followed tradition, something a Gemini rarely does, you would have spent the last three weeks, while the sun was in your 12th house, half asleep or meditating and revitalizing your psyche for the annual roller-coaster ride known as solar Gemini. But you probably were busy urging your painted pony forward, trying to nab the prize that brass ring represented. No matter. Whatever activates your unconscious mind after Tuesday's Taurus new moon sets the stage will manifest once the sun enters Gemini next Thursday. Until then, hang loose.


Many, many Moon Children tend to discount, even ignore, their dependence on lunar cycles, but some know better. They are the ones who won't expect significant action until the sensual Taurus new moon brings a fresh definition of friendship to the table. They'll also try to take it easy while the moon is in its ineffectual "balsamic" phase this weekend. But can any Crab resist the urge to do something wild when adventurous Mars in Cancer gets the okay from innovative Uranus in your house of sex and other people's money?


Even though your financial forecast can look brighter now that expansive Jupiter in your Virgo money house is inching forward, you may be fixated on your ever-evolving (or is that revolving?) career path. Relax. Something new in that department is likely to occur after the Taurus new moon in your midheaven inaugurates another chapter in the fascinating history of the gigs you've held and the people you've worked with. If you haven't already booked your next trip, once your sun ruler gets to Gemini, start searching for a quick getaway.


If you've been anxious about a money matter (primarily one centered on what other people have to offer), then you'll probably feel more comfortable after your Mercury ruler enters Taurus this weekend. Earth signs prefer to play with other trustworthy earth signs, be it in the Market or the Garden. However, the Taurus new moon at the tail end of the sign could introduce you to an aspect of religion or philosophy you hadn't considered before. Something that tweaks your curiosity about every minute detail.


Maybe you should simply wait until midweek for the Taurus new moon to lay a new approach to a financial matter on the table. Then you wouldn't have to sift and sort through errors you may have made or papers that were delayed in the mail while Mercury was retrograde last month. Can you be that patient? Or else you could look for a distraction to amuse, or more likely astound, you when daredevil Mars makes it relatively safe to fool around this weekend, with eccentric, erotic Uranus in your house of fun and games. That'll take your mind off money!


If a family matter or a question about real estate - location, location, location - has been infiltrating your dreams at night and your fantasies during the day, you'll be glad to know that after Neptune turns retrograde this weekend, these concerns won't be as big a deal as they've been. In effect, you'll have the summer off. Not until October will Neptune go direct, and by that time, plenty of water will have passed under the bridge. The Taurus new moon, in the house of your spouse, starts something new between you. What could it be?


Work, a service organization and/or a stray animal could be your primary focus for the lunar cycle that begins with the Taurus new moon. No kidding: Get ready to lose first your heart and, once solar Gemini kicks in on the 20th, your mind in the search for answers to questions that won't stop. How can we fix it? Where can we go? Whom should we talk to? When will it end? Don't be surprised if, at one point, a curious child becomes attached to your quest and affords you another opportunity to play the wise one.


Your frustration with an ongoing partnership matter or an off-putting partner is building up to some sort of climax next weekend. As aggressive Mars in your Cancer complement approaches your rigid Saturn ruler, the situation grows more serious, and one of you comes close to exploding. This isn't healthy, so try to vent your resentment before it escalates into fear and loathing. Or steer the daring Martian impulse toward an unconventional Uranian transaction; buy something this weekend that'll blow both your minds instead of your cool.


Home, family and other components of domestic bliss, like an impressive sound system, could be the focal point of your life for the next four weeks. And you thought you were sufficiently comfortable? Fool! There is no end to the pleasures you can dream up once the sensitive, sensual Taurus new moon has its way with you. You're also destined for some serious impulse-buying while Mars in nurturing Cancer forms a mutually rewarding relationship with state-of-the-art Uranus in your money house.


Is it time to take off? Check out new surroundings? Visit the relatives? The Taurus new moon will let you know which way the wind is blowing and where you should be going. After the weekend, mobile Mercury in your money house finishes its involvement with the recent retrograde past and moves ahead into new territory. New wheels? But if you feel firmly entrenched in your domestic routine and don't see any reason to leave, simply wait until slash-and-burn Mars creates a problem in the family that only a visit from you can fix.


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