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The lead players in this week's drama don't issue challenges, stamp their feet or storm off the stage until the very last scene. Until then, they prefer to beautify, mystify and make music. Some bestow sexual favors; others exchange important, insightful information. Venus and Neptune have the best costumes and lighting, the sun and retrograde Mercury the best lines. But in the end, it's militant macho Mars opposing well-meaning, well-educated Jupiter that'll make the strongest, scariest impression on us.


In the name of love, don't stop! There's a temptation to play the prima donna while magnetic Venus in your sign is drawing people to you. However, since the goddess will abandon you on the 16th and move on to Taurus, consider making a few sacrifices to maintain the relationship that's already in the works. While Venus trines regenerative Pluto on the 7th, you could easily get rid of what no longer works and confirm what still turns you on. Direct your desire for change at your boss, society or the house instead.


Ethereal, exquisite and easily fooled. This is one of those times when you give your better nature free rein and it turns around and bites you. Being "the good guy" is what Bulls do while idealistic Neptune sprinkles fairy dust all over your romantic Venus ruler as well as on the usually realistic Taurus sun. Plus, you're being urged to fall under the spell of dreams, drink and drugs. By Wednesday, as Mercury and the sun meet and Pluto rescues Venus, you'll learn what you needed to know and emerge all the stronger for the experience.


Questions about gaining access to other people's resources won't be answered until your Mercury ruler has another of its periodic brainstorming sessions with the sun. That happens while the two meet on Wednesday, or when you discover something about a partnership that's been kept hidden "for your own good." Count on hearing a well-meaning acquaintance blurt it out in casual conversation. Throwing good money after bad again? Try breaking that habit when the chance comes up next week. Do the research and the math.


Nothing personal, but until Monday rolls around, most of the action this weekend - e.g., the big meteor-shower show, the spread of Neptunian idealism - has very little to do with you. Maybe with your parents, your employer, your view of world events or your allegiance to a group, but with your personal life, nada. That won't happen until your moon ruler enters Cancer on Cinco de Mayo and you feel connected. But if you need an excuse to party, one will appear. What you find out on Wednesday can be cause for celebration, too. Good news about a buddy or your boss.


Utterly divine. Maybe it's the glamorous atmosphere, maybe it's those good intentions; this week you're apt to be fascinated with spiritual concerns or mystical notions you can't put your finger on. Not to worry; your reputation won't suffer, and your love life might actually improve. Because your sun ruler reaches out to nebulous Neptune in your house of partners, a long-standing relationship could rise to a higher level of commitment or become somewhat questionable. Either way, someone has to sacrifice something.


One of the high points of the Virgo's yearly cycle occurs whenever your Mercury ruler joins forces with the sun, a periodic event that happens this spring on the 7th. Regardless of whether you're so inclined, there's a strong academic bent to this week's conjunction, because the meeting takes place in your Taurus house of higher education, philosophy, religion and foreign travel. Not only will you learn more, you'll be a lot more astute handling information you already have; also a bit closer to achieving a lifelong ambition.


A variety of things may be going on, but the concerns that'll touch your heart are those that involve your artistic, affable Venus ruler. Because the goddess of love and beauty is in your Aries house of partnership, significant others can have a far greater influence than they usually do. That, for a Libran, is saying something! Happily, the ties to Venus are benign, even beneficial: an angelic vibe from a family member and a secret sexual attraction for or from a neighbor or classmate.


The action is still centered in your Taurus house of marriage and other significant relationships, e.g., ties to your attorney, agent or whoever is suing you. Privileged information may filter down when the sun and retrograde Mercury meet on the 7th, but eye contact and hand-holding speak louder than words while your Pluto co-ruler and loving Venus are in cahoots. An opportunity to make big things happen could pop up when expansive Jupiter contacts courageous Mars, your other ruling planet.


Not every Archer is an entrepreneur at heart, but when Jupiter presents an opportunity to grab a bigger piece of the pie, your ruling planet urges you to seize it. Is it need or greed? That's the question posed by the relatively rare (every 12 years or so) opposition between impulsive Mars in your money house and prosperous Jupiter in the house of other people's resources. Perhaps you should sublimate the experience by focusing on the benefits sexy Pluto in Sag is about to receive from loving Venus. Not as risky.


If you were born in December, read for Sagittarius. If not, then it's fairly safe to assume that a generous, warm-hearted partner will cover for you if you blow your cool, burn your bridges or twist your ankle. Avoid all that self-imposed drama by concentrating instead on what you'll learn when the sensual, security-conscious Taurus sun and Mercury meet on the 7th. That knowledge can bring many pleasures, enough to counterbalance the pain you would inflict by taking one chance too many.


If you were born in January, read for Capricorn. If not, then relax and enjoy whichever protective wing your guardian angel has placed you under. Before our week is over, he may even show you his game plan. Meanwhile, you could be subjected to additional family pressures, but they shouldn't be too demanding. Or the house may have needs, both structural and cosmetic, that should be attended to sooner rather than later. Beautification is big this weekend, because visionary Neptune in your sign and artistic Venus are calling the shots. Enjoy.


Since your Neptune ruler is a dominant force in the weekend forecast, read for Aquarius. Once everything looks pretty and meets with your approval, you can figure out what message you're receiving from the merger of retrograde Mercury and the sun in your house of communication. A sudden insight into your neighbor's behavior? Or perhaps reconciliatory thoughts about an estranged sibling? Since the Bull and the Fish are simpatico signs, rest assured that you won't be provoked. However, you could be persuaded to behave badly, but in a good way.


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