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How quickly can we recover from the delirious, delusional challenge the self-indulgent Taurus sun and boozy Neptune put us through on Cinco de Mayo? How quickly will we adjust to Mars' move out of dualistic Gemini into patriotic Cancer on Friday? Will we become more amenable, more diplomatic, while Mars sits on the national Venus next Tuesday? More enterprising, more ethical, when Mars conjuncts our natal Jupiter next weekend? A relatively quiet Mother's Day weekend sets us up for May 17, the day that Mars rewards explosive Uranus and both Venus and Neptune turn retrograde.


Sensuous days filled with good and plenty are a typical Taurus treat, so while the sun illuminates your house of values, take time to enjoy the earthly pleasures Taurus offers. After your Mars ruler enters nurturing Cancer on the 7th for the next seven weeks, even comfort food may play a greater role in your life. And don't be surprised if a family matter that was relegated to the back burner two years ago starts to bother you again. Only this time, because responsible Saturn is also in Cancer, it has to be dealt with.


Congratulations to Bulls who already have a good fortune, along with the fortitude to tackle a financial matter head-on. Although a decision may already be in the works, be prepared to consider other viable, profitable alternatives. That's because Venus, your ruling planet, is about to turn retrograde in your Gemini money house and won't return to its present position until late July. Incidentally, Venus flips the same day, May 17, that artistic Neptune in your career midheaven also shifts into reverse. Shall we review your recent output?


Patience, please. It could take longer than usual for your Mercury ruler to gain enough momentum to propel you into uncharted territory, beyond the same-old, same-old story you heard while it was retrograde. At the same time, Venus in your sign is about to revisit the past, thereby justifying the feeling that you're being sucked into a time warp. Rather than make a hasty and regrettable decision, wait to see what the goddess of love and nice stuff has to show you before opting, one way or the other, for one thing or the other.


An unexpected resource becomes available when ballsy Mars, a recent addition to your sign, and independent Uranus align. Money can appear out of the proverbial blue; however, understand that it is your self-confident attitude that'll attract it. This is also a good time for surgery (the fiery planet rules the knife and chemical peel), but schedule it before or way after the 24th, which is when Mars crashes into Saturn, delaying what you plan to accomplish. Bold, brave Mars leaves Cancer on June 23 and won't return for another two years.


Decide up-front just how involved you should be. Chances are you'll be drawn into a battle of wits between friends that may become more complicated than these competitions usually get. And while you aren't in imminent danger of being hurt, you'll soon tire of the endless exchange of gossip and vitriol. As for your own significant relationship - ambiguous Neptune in your house of partners turns retrograde on the 17th - you may just as easily be disillusioned by a lack of progress.


Try diplomacy instead of shrill demands. Next week, sweet and sociable Venus in your midheaven goes retrograde until the end of June. Because the goddess represents the women or artist types that can influence your career, they are the forces you'll have to contend with until early August. Venus could also serve as a stand-in for a female in the family capable of stirring up winds of discontent or bringing up some past unpleasantness that you thought was dead and buried. We all have them.


An infusion of planetary activity in your career house couldn't hurt. Once Mars is embedded in Cancer, it'll add energy to your job search. If you already have one, it might also make your boss more cantankerous. Aggressive Mars visits your midheaven once every two years, so if you can remember what was going on in June 2002, expect something similar either at work or at home. Since your Venus ruler is retrograde in Gemini until the end of this June, you may be taking care of old business, old boyfriends, too, for most of the summer.


Until the sun enters adaptable Gemini on the 20th, it'll be difficult to alter the plans a headstrong partner has conceived for the two of you. However, you may want to wait a bit longer, until Mercury gets well past the point at which it turned retrograde, to ensure there'll be some progress before signing official papers. Your Mars co-ruler can change your come-on demeanor - from cool and cerebral to compassionate and nurturing - now that it's in cozy Cancer for a seven-week stay. You cook, you score.


Prepare to entertain the goddess of uncertainty for another three months. Up to now, you've managed to deal with vivacious Venus in your Gemini house of significant others, flitting here and there, landing nowhere for any length of time. As of the 17th, Venus turns retrograde, so your partner's vagaries, vanity and venality might not bother you as much. On the other hand, promises of as-yet-undelivered goodies may drive you to distraction. If you like playing games, you won't get too annoyed, but if not, there could be hell (Pluto in Sag) to pay.


Take a child under your wing. Right now your creative and educational impulses are being emphasized, and it makes little difference whether you're sharing your wealth of knowledge or your material wealth and appreciation of the pleasures money can buy. This back-to-basics, down-to-earth atmosphere should last as long as wise and generous Jupiter continues to favor the Goat - until the fall semester starts. By taking advantage of cosmic timing, you can make a lasting impression on a young mind or a simpatico old soul.


Will the dreams become less vivid once Neptune in your sign turns retrograde? Will you decide to listen exclusively to oldies this summer? Will the fervor or fanaticism you exhibit seasonally die down, only to surge again for the World Series? Time will tell. However, what might be revealed sooner than that is how influential you can be while impulsive Mars and inventive Uranus support your idiosyncratic viewpoint. For the next few weeks, your mind's eye is focused on the future and what the buying public will need.


Read for Aquarius. Once again, you are on the same wavelength, sharing compatible visions. Independent Uranus in your sign receives a powerful infusion of energy from militant Mars on the 17th, just in time to compensate for your Neptune ruler's about-face. As this turning point draws near, you could become more confused than usual, eager to take a stand and make your point, but doubtful of the outcome. Postpone, defer and procrastinate as long as you can, well past the next new moon, possibly until Memorial Day weekend.


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