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The repercussions from Wednesday's full moon will soon be apparent, but don't add fuel to the fire by pissing more people off when the Aries sun squares militant Mars on the 17th. Easter dawns with the sun rising in earthy, sensual Taurus; on Monday, Venus and Mars, in a compatible, sexy sextile, change signs. The goddess enters ardent Aries; the warrior searches for a more humanitarian, less authoritative approach as it shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius. Earth Day promises a surprise while the sun and inventive Uranus align. Mercury is getting ready for its big flip backward on the 26th. Be prepared.


Rise to the challenge. The effort you make now, while the Aries sun and your daring Mars ruler square off, could push you across the finish line. By Monday, the sun will be cruising pleasure-loving Taurus, and Mars will end its (and your) role as the quintessential Capricorn executive. Instead of giving orders, you're apt to sit back, advise and give consent from a safe distance. Happily, sociable Venus enters Aries on Monday, so romance, art and parties will become more plentiful for the next four weeks.


Solar Taurus begins at sunrise on Easter Sunday. As inspiring as the image of a Bull emerging from the dark may be, it also suggests that you'll be in the spotlight for another month. So much for blessed anonymity and the joys of clandestine affairs. Remember that Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on April 26 and won't leave the Taurean mindset until June 12. Plan on using that time to revise your script, perfect your lyrics. After your Venus ruler enters Aries on the 21st, no more sacrifices!


Besides being plugged into what's going on and what's coming up, Geminis are often acutely aware of what's possible and what's not. Under the present circumstances, i.e., your Mercury ruler getting ready to turn retrograde, it probably makes sense to cease and desist from any further efforts at effective interaction. As of Monday, don't make the introductory call, don't sign the papers, don't buy the big-ticket item. Although Mercury won't flip until the 26th, receptive folks like you can be affected much earlier than the official due date.


Avoid turning the feistiness of the full-moon square to Mars in your marriage house on the 17th into a full-fledged fight. Instead, try to direct that powerful surge of energy into a project that benefits both parties. Mars switches from Capricorn to Aquarius on Monday, so the tone of the partnership may change - less parenting, more freedom. To keep the love light burning and the aesthetics agreeable, Venus also shifts signs on Monday, from idealistic Pisces to adventurous Aries. You're in for some unusual fun and games.


Although you may be raring to go, energized by the sun's contact with excitable Mars, you should probably slow down before you get hurt. Besides, the sun will exit take-action Aries on Easter Sunday, both Venus and Mars will change signs on Monday, and Mercury, in your career midheaven, is about to go retrograde and alter your workload. Plus, once you find out what your sun ruler and unpredictable Uranus have in store, you'll be better prepared to deal with the surprises those dramatic forces can spring on you.


Down to earth. The start of solar Taurus on Easter Sunday could be a centering experience for skittish Virgos who've been flying high or scattering their energies every which way. Since this year your Mercury ruler is spending an inordinate amount of time - another eight weeks - in sensual Taurus, you might be able, given enough aromatherapy and deep-tissue massage, to heal whatever hurts. Money matters should improve as well, especially if you're in a joint venture or playing with other people's money.


This is the week your scene finally changes. As the sun leaves Aries, the sign of your cosmic mate, your affectionate Venus ruler moves in, bringing a revitalized spirit of adventure and a greater sense of freedom, at least for another month. When you factor in the switch that Mars makes, from family-centered Capricorn to friend-focused Aquarius, it's easy to envision the fun times in store and the new people you'll meet. Mercury turning retrograde may further complicate insurance, inheritance or tax matters, but you already suspected that.


Mercury going retrograde in your Taurus house of partners won't bring matters related to that part of your life to a complete halt, but it could give reason to pause and reconsider. Don't get upset if things don't progress according to the schedule you have in mind. If ever you need to show that deep down there lurks a patient person, this would be the time. We all know that Scorpios tend to be insistent and persistent, but for the future health of the relationship, back off a bit now.


If questions about health, employee benefits or your work schedule are pending, try to get answers before Mercury flips on the 26th. Venus shifting modes from sacrificial Pisces to independent Aries should stop the whimpering, the feeling that you're giving more than you're getting. And the switch Mars makes from conscientious Capricorn to inventive Aquarius can make finances and purchases interesting instead of merely safe. Just don't buy state-of-the art stuff while Mercury is retrograde.


The tone at home becomes more mellifluous once the sun leaves aggressive Aries for placid Taurus at Easter. And Mars, finally vacating the Capricorn sphere of influence, should curb your desire to drum up action. That restless feeling won't go entirely away, but you could direct it toward making more money or discovering a cure for what ails you. However, Mercury, flipping in your house of creativity, romance and recreation, suggests that you don't proceed with plans to put on a show and that you reread the rules of the game.


It's strictly personal. Fiery Mars enters your sign on Monday, adding fuel to passions you harbor deep inside. Sexy as that may sound, Mars also brings an element of danger. Accidents happen when the red planet is prominent, so slow down and stay conscious when you're around sharp edges and flames or playing with machinery. Mercury turning retrograde in your Taurus home base can delay family events, gardening or repair work. The paperwork is liable to be lost, the contractor is likely to disappear, sooner rather than later.


As soon as the sun enters Taurus on Easter morning, you're going to feel better about financial matters. Simply because Pisces and Taurus form a supportive sextile arrangement, anxiety over money will ebb as will your excitability. Breathe a sigh of relief, and while you're at it, give thanks that Venus is also leaving your sign. Although the goddess is exalted in Pisces, there are only so many exaltations, martyrdoms and acts of mercy that any of us can bear. We, and no doubt you, have filled our annual quota. Come Monday, it's back to enlightened self-interest.


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