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Since the new-moon/solar eclipse marked the funeral of John Paul II, the Taurus-Scorpio full-moon eclipse on Sunday should mark the election of the new pope. Will he be a Scorpio whose two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, form an opportunistic sextile this weekend? Or like the last pope, a Taurus ruled by Venus, the planet enjoying a supportive sextile with future-oriented Uranus in Pisces, the sign of the Fish? Or will the eclipse hide a crucial element of the selection process? By Wednesday, when Mercury opposes Jupiter, we might learn all we need to know.


Don't be surprised if it turns out to be a somewhat strange weekend, especially if you're looking for, or more likely not looking for, something you misplaced. The issue or the person motivating you in late January could also make an appearance now that your Mars ruler is absorbing the resurgence of restorative Plutonic energy. Now would be a good time to take stock and, once again, focus on a lifelong goal. A lunar eclipse usually feels a bit weird; since this one occurs in your house of shared resources, keep an eye out for something missing (money?) from a partnership.


The Taurus sun eclipses the Scorpio moon this weekend, thereby making the annual Buddha Festival, a high-and-holy esoteric event, even more special. Add the delicious element of surprise unorthodox Uranus brings to the festivities as it favors your romantic Venus ruler - in your sign, no less - and you could be celebrating an anniversary for years to come. Even shy Bulls having birthdays this week might create quite a stir, drawing the public's attention to talents and attributes heretofore enjoyed in private.


Close but no cigar, not yet. Although your Mercury ruler made a few passes at Jupiter's gift of good fortune before turning retrograde in March, the ideal opportunity to grab the brass ring didn't present itself. That moment, the exact opposition between the "smart" planets, happens on the 27th. Everything up until then, whether juggling plans to advance your career or rethinking an expensive addition to the house, is foreplay. While Mercury in assertive Aries amplifies your self-confidence, chances are you'll go for the prize.


Eclipses mark crucial events, the moments the tide turns. A wise and wary Moon Child will keep an eye out for an opportunity that appears (or disappears) this weekend when the Scorpio full moon is eclipsed by the Taurus sun. Since the soli-lunar shadow falls across your houses of fame and family, that is where most Crabs should be looking. Natives born close to the Gemini cusp will feel the impact of the eclipse in their houses of affection and associations, recreation and rescue organizations. Come Wednesday, you could get word one way or the other.


Before Mars leaves your Aquarius complement, where it's been stirring up feelings about a partnership matter since the first day of spring, it reaches out to powerful, regenerative Pluto. Take whatever opportunity you get this weekend to intensify a romantic relationship, forge a creative bond or, with the heart of a champion, play your best game. Turned-on, full-bore fire energy fuels your good intentions, your efforts as well. The burnout factor? Less iffy when it's the moon being eclipsed rather than your sun ruler.


The dramatic lunar eclipse this weekend might affect your money houses, so don't be surprised if a financial matter upstages everything else that's going on. A few Virgins are in for a hush-hush, life-sustaining Scorpionic lesson instead. Midweek, everyone should pay attention, or at least lip service, to what's fair and equitable while Jupiter in Libra and your Mercury ruler engage in their annual tug of war. Because the planetary rulers of publishing and publicity, wit and wordplay are in opposition, what you think, write and say could be a very big deal.


You're in for a delightful surprise this weekend when your amenable Venus ruler and innovative Uranus send down a gift worthy of the gods. Although the pleasure they bestow may be ephemeral, it is, nonetheless, a plus. While the Scorpio full-moon eclipse can also come up with something you weren't expecting, chances are it'll detract from rather than add to your assets. Midweek, protective Jupiter in your sign commands the full attention of Mercury in your Aries house of partners; their involvement could make up for whatever loss you may have suffered.


It's your ability to be daring yet cautious, to advance on one front while keeping the other securely locked down, that leaves such a deep impression on the rest of us. This weekend Scorpios get another opportunity to amaze and astound us, because Mars and Pluto, your co-ruling planets, are in a supportive sextile relationship. Each one, separately and together, helps you accomplish whatever you set out to do. However, with a lunar eclipse in your sign, the secret of your success could lie in recognizing that there's an element missing.


A sibling, school chum or neighbor can lend a helping hand, jump-start a project and generally support whatever you're doing this weekend. Don't be shy; let people know what you need. By the time your Jupiter ruler and chatty Mercury face off midweek, everybody you're currently in contact with, from a kissin' cousin to a prestigious client, may have checked in to see how things are progressing. The disparity between your family life and your professional life, the private vs. the public persona, might be resolved by a relatively rare opportunity to speak up and clear the air.


A pleasant surprise this weekend as artistic Venus and experimental Uranus align. Since these planets connect in aesthetically inclined signs, it hardly matters what medium - music, photography, painting or gardening - sparks the creative urge or appeals to your sense of beauty. Thanks to the emotional Taurus-Scorpio full-moon eclipse, you could also become more invested in ecological issues, reacting strongly to Mother Earth's diminishing resources. Get on the horn or e-mail everyone on Wednesday while Mercury incites judicious Jupiter in your Libra midheaven.


The full-moon eclipse in Scorpio, at the top of your solar chart, can impact on a career goal by delaying a move you intend to make or altering your strategy. Don't be surprised if you also have a change of heart when appreciative Venus favors your trend-setting Uranus ruler this weekend. While you're not destined to acquire something of great value, you could happily flirt with the idea far longer than necessary. But if it feels, looks, smells, tastes or sounds that good, why not enjoy it? No regrets until mid-May.


An unexpected burst of affection as loving Venus reaches out this weekend to Uranus in your sign. Whatever physical or emotional satisfaction the goddess bestows could improve your fluctuating mood swings, perhaps your view of the immediate future as well. Information concerning a financial matter you've been waiting to hear more about might come through when fact-finding Mercury in your Aries money house opposes enthusiastic, expansive Jupiter. This could turn out to be the test that seals the deal or, for the time being, kills it.


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