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Listen up. Whatever you hear, read or think about on Friday, when the sun and Mercury retrograde meet in Aries, can be critical. That's because another explosive April 19 anniversary - the start of the American Revolution, the Waco fiasco, the Oklahoma City bombing - is coming up on Monday. It's also the second Aries new moon of the year, and a partial solar eclipse, which can affect us for months on end, unlike your run-of-the-mill new moon, which sets the stage for one month only. The sun enters Taurus about four hours later, at 10:50 a.m. PDT. Make the most of the supersensitive Venus-Neptune trine on Wednesday and pray that the ??ber-macho Mars-Pluto opposition next weekend - a face-off between the God of War (Mars is on the USA Mars in Gemini) and the God of Death and Rebirth - has a positive outcome. It's possible: Their conjunction in Sagittarius in February 2003 coincided with record-breaking peace demonstrations around the world.


Aries born close to the Taurus cusp receive an extra-special birthday gift this week, a partial solar eclipse on the 19th that can brighten up your year considerably. One Ram admits that, despite anticipatory anxiety, an eclipse on his birthday turned out to be a financial bonanza. However, next weekend, when your Mars ruler opposes manipulative Pluto, you might have to give up something fairly important, or at the very least, fight for your right to change your mind. Mars in Gemini is amazingly adaptable, even if you frequently aren't.


A resolution you might have made on New Year's surfaces this week to reward you for sticking to your good intentions. While your artistic, amenable Venus ruler and idealistic Neptune align in a supportive trine, your reputation is close to golden, plus you could actually cash in on it. No fooling, even if illusionary Neptune is involved. Painters and poets, maybe the odd journalist, can channel the images that best express what your audience will respond to. Magical, mystical, beautiful - call this interlude what you will.


The Aries new moon/solar eclipse on the 19th may confirm that, although your Mercury ruler is retrograde, you're on the right track. Trust your intuition, but be aware that a lot of cosmic energy is being directed to you personally. Right now, shy and retiring is hardly an appropriate attitude. However, if you come on too strong - a distinct possibility while assertive Mars is in your sign - you could run into stiff opposition next weekend when powerful Pluto opposes Mars. If not the war, a major battle.


How many hints do you need? The next one appears around Friday when retrograde Mercury and the Aries sun, converging in your career midheaven, pass on a message from the Higher Powers that be. The hopefully final hint shows up shortly after the new moon/solar eclipse on Monday, and also concerns your career. Put aside the paranoia (Saturn in your sign) and pay attention instead to the positive thoughts running through your head. By the full moon/lunar eclipse on May 4, the Moon Child could be starring in another story entirely.


Try to shake the feeling that your golden aura will be shining a little less brightly during the partial solar eclipse on Monday. Even if you do become a marginally less powerful force to deal with, the Lion still reigns supreme. However, you could face silky-smooth - hardly stiff - competition from Neptune in your house of partners. While amenable Venus makes deceptive and delusional Neptune more palatable, there's apt to be high praise for whatever person or principle you currently oppose.


You keep hearing that things are gonna be great, that generous Jupiter in Virgo is gonna bring goodies galore. Meanwhile, you're still waiting and wondering, when? Probably not this week. That's because the new moon in your Aries house of other people's money is also a solar eclipse, and what would normally start happening at a new moon could take longer than usual to materialize because of the eclipse. However, there is good news: Come the full moon on May 4, the high point of this lunar cycle, Jupiter flips out of reverse into first gear.


The new moon/solar eclipse in your Aries house of allies and opponents could delay the rapprochement or agreement you've been expecting for one, three or six months. While this may not be what you wanted to hear, understand that an eclipse comes with its own timetable. Patience, not your best virtue, is necessary if you're going to maximize the advantages you'll eventually receive. Meanwhile, this week there's a favorable trine between imaginative Neptune and your romantic Venus ruler that casts a delicious spell on everyone in your social circle.


Take a breather, stop and survey the situation. Thanks to that new moon/solar eclipse, work or your workout routine can have a stronger impact on your sense of well-being. However, while you may have intimations of things to come, their actual appearance could be delayed. Mercury retrograde also plays a part in that schedule, so might a health professional. While you're not totally at the mercy of other people, you may soon have to decide what or who best serves your needs and what you can realistically afford.


Are you ready to rumble? Recreation, not relaxation, is in the cards you'll be dealt during the second Aries new moon of the year. Also, the prospect of a more creative romantic adventure, which, due to the partial solar eclipse, might be postponed until the summer. Nonetheless, you should make some sort of new-moon magic on the 19th. Concentrate on attaining a piece of your heart's desire by the full moon on May 4. That's the red-letter day your Jupiter ruler finally goes direct after four full months hiding out in retrograde.


Buy something beautiful. Ignore the customary Mercury retrograde warnings; go for the glow you'll get from pleasure-loving Venus' rewarding trine to Neptune in your house of assets and acquisitions. But first wait for the new moon to make whatever mischief around your house it has in mind. Because this lunation is also a partial solar eclipse, expectations about a family or household matter might not come to pass in the time frame you've allowed. Nevertheless, if a painting catches your eye or a piano calls to you, go ahead and get it.


You're a lock for winning this week's popularity contest. Add Taurus and Libra to the fan base you've already accumulated, especially midweek, when magnetic Venus, their ruling planet, exchanges deep, meaningful glances with Neptune in your sign. And while not every meeting will be tinged with romantic overtones, a seductive note could be struck nonetheless. Who do you want to do what and with whom? Labor leaders and artists are especially charismatic during this rewarding aspect, which, just so you know, will repeat in mid-June and mid-July.


Read for Aquarius. It's more than likely that some of the attention being heaped on the Water Bearer will spill onto the Fish. And while being deluged with artistic inspiration and affection may sound intriguing, you know you can't handle too many people or projects at the same time. Besides, a second new moon in your Aries money house could also inaugurate a pattern of spending that'll last a lot longer than one more month. Better to save some of that diffusive piscine power for next weekend, in case you need to get away, fast.


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