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Before the week is out you'll have sampled the good, the not-so-bad and the ominous. Spring can really hang you up the most, particularly if you've been awaiting word that should come down when the Aries sun and informative Mercury meet on the 21st. Friday is also the day that Venus, arbiter of good taste, approves of what practical, traditional Saturn has to offer: luxury SUVs, family antiques and diamonds, a girl's very best friend. Things take a turn Saturday when Pluto goes retrograde; we'll learn if it was for the worse by the time Pluto flips forward on August 28, which is the same day that Mercury goes retrograde and the Virgo sun opposes militant Mars. Steel yourself. A "What the hell, why not?" Sagittarius moon for the Oscars should make the event festive and funny - that is, until Luna faces disappointment when it opposes sad Saturn around 10:30. On Thursday, the mood shifts once again as loving Venus enters Pisces, exalted in the sign of the martyr.


Not only is most of the action this week about you, you're also the main topic of conversation. Mercury in Aries gets very excited about the message it's conveying, especially when the great communicator is supported by knowledgeable Jupiter on Tuesday. Writers, students, travelers, salesmen, even the clergy can benefit from the information exchanged. But on Thursday, as Mercury challenges your fiery Mars ruler, something you hear can make you so irate, you'll act without thinking. And regret it later.


Provocation or inspiration: No matter what your motivation is, you'll notice that your attitude and, as the week ends, your approach are both changing. What makes perfect sense at the moment could seem too cool and calculating once your romantic Venus ruler moves into sympathetic Pisces. While the goddess transits the sign of the Fish, her energy presents itself in subtle ways; it tends to be exquisite and exalted. Since this sublime state lasts until only until Easter, make the most of the artistry and spirituality before Venus takes off for an exciting adventure in Aries.


They may be rare, but the benefits are there. A particularly productive period for the Twins begins with your Mercury ruler's entrance into assertive Aries on the 21st, mere hours before Mercury merges with the sun. Although what you learn then might not be as historically significant as "the shot heard 'round the world," because the conjunction is in Aries, there'll be a decidedly militant ring to the message: I want what I want! The rest of the week is a whirlwind of activity as Mercury has you contacting everyone who can help you achieve your goal.


Spring stimulates Moon Children like no other season. Because the Aries sun illuminates your career midheaven, you might feel more comfortable admitting that you're ambitious and willing to do what you can to succeed. A lead may appear when Mercury joins the sun on the 21st and, while Mercury contacts generous Jupiter midweek, prosperity could seem to be right around the corner. Be aware that a conflict with your partner, a co-worker, etc., might erupt next weekend, when every other sign goes a little nuts.


The wonderful world of sex, mysteries and other people's money takes center stage this week. Try to handle any or all of the above with whatever discretion you can muster - not an easy task while chatty Mercury is attached to your sun ruler. Mercury then goes on to blab incessantly when it contacts expansive Jupiter in your sign. Publishers and producers spread their name and fame all over the place, but lesser lions can benefit as well. Good notices now and, as the month ends, a substantial run of good luck.


If a Ram's or a Lion's sheer bravado suddenly seems impressive, blame your Mercury ruler's meeting Friday with the audacious Aries sun. Stick around these high-spirited folks for a while; an opportunity to prosper from a mutual interest may soon appear, one you wouldn't want to miss out on. Also, don't shy away from getting more involved with a group, particularly if it's well-funded. You're bound to benefit when Mercury is rewarded by generous Jupiter on the 25th - if not via actual money, then publicity or a promotion.


Love or more likely a marriage of minds as mercurial Mercury and the ardent Aries sun converge in your partnership house. Friday would be a good day to sign an agreement; wait much longer and there'll be lots more nitpicking. A burst of artistic activity or, failing the talent, an eruption of eroticism as the workweek ends. However, by next weekend there'll be plenty of "now or never," "love me or leave me," "do or die" ultimatums that can sabotage the rewards the partnership is about to receive. Why the me/we dichotomy, and why now?


Whatever else is going on, you can still have fun this week. While the athletic Aries sun and statistics-happy Mercury meet in your house of recreation, you won't have to sweat out results. Well, not unless you're heavily invested in March Madness. It can't hurt to know that your Pluto co-ruler turns retrograde on Saturday for five months of subdued fiscal activity - nothing that'll rock your boat any more than it already has. However, the time is fast approaching to decide about the house. Fix up or move out.


By now you should have confirmed reservations at your favorite casino, Indian or otherwise, in anticipation of the winnings headed your way when the sun favors your lucky Jupiter-ruler trine on the 28th. But if gambling isn't in your blood, you'll undoubtedly find other pleasures to keep your heart racing, your face flushed. Archers born around December 12 get a reprieve when Pluto goes retrograde and stops insisting that you eliminate a noxious habit. Pluto's retreat also leaves room to reconsider other major life changes.


You may be urged (in a non-threatening way, we hope) to do something about a sassy sibling, maybe to join a local or neighborhood cause. Lots of e-mailing and conversations, perhaps even an offer to attend a seminar, while informative Mercury and the assertive Aries sun try to get through to you. Since Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in Capricorn, a natural affinity between the two signs could be building. Decide soon if you want to be the "leader of the pack," because someone will have to cover the unexpected expenses coming up.


Make a special effort to look your best, to be as charming and fascinating as you can manage. Milk all you possibly can from the intercoupling of affection, attractive Venus and your intuitive, often explosive Uranus ruler in emotional Pisces. Next weekend their conjunction will take place for the first time in eight decades, and we don't have a clue what it'll be like this time around. So we're counting on you (and the Fish) to pay attention and let the rest of us know just how the times are changing and what we can expect.


It'll probably affect you on an unconscious level rather than take place "in your face." We're talking about the very first conjunction of loving Venus, the planet that is exalted in Pisces, and revolutionary Uranus, which has just moved into your sign. We can speculate about what changes will go down, both for individuals and society, but the truth is we won't know what the repercussions will be until we see how this combination of planetary energies manifests itself. Something more - significant than a sudden change of heart?


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