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As we come to the end of the current solar year, and the last quarter of the Pisces lunar cycle, take time to make room for the new. Helping you clear the crap from your life is a powerful sun-Pluto square on Friday, the 12th. Go ahead and toss those damaged goods away, the bad habits too. If ever rehab beckoned, now would be a good time. Falling between two friendly, fun-loving and extremely fortunate Venus aspects is St. Patrick's Day. Talk about the luck of the Irish and lucky lottery picks! Then imagine all the good you can do when Venus and idealistic Neptune conspire on Thursday. Spring arrives next Friday night, the Aries new moon four hours later.


Mercury's move into truth-seeking Aries on Friday doesn't guarantee that you'll become a mental giant, only that you'll try to express yourself more honestly and that you'll take liberties with the language you normally wouldn't. Writers, freed from their concern about the aftermath, dare to say what they think. This newfound verbal acuity accelerates after your courageous Mars ruler joins the Gemini dialectic on the 20th. Add the Aries new moon, and the timing for a brand-new project couldn't be better.


Joy to the world! The happiness and good fortune that you feel is your due is due after your affable Venus ruler and generous Jupiter's trine on Tuesday. Because both "benefics" are in realistic, down-to-earth signs, you won't be tempted to run up enormous bills should you decide to share the bounty you're being blessed with. And share you should. Just be careful that you don't romanticize a situation that hasn't been decided one way or the other. Wishful thinking is just that, wishful. Rational thought doesn't enter this picture.


You may think you're simply being realistic and acting like a sane, sensible person would. But if you've been depressed for a while - your Mercury ruler is temporarily being dragged down by worrisome Saturn - consider discussing your options with someone you respect. Mercury traveling through fiery Aries suggests that you should be full of piss and vinegar and rarin' to go. But if the impetus (or, if need be, an actual reason) to shake things up at work doesn't come by the new moon on the 20th, see a headhunter.


Don't be surprised if a client or your employer (especially the Boss Lady) dangles a carrot in front of your nose. This is one of those rare interludes when the Moon Child can do no wrong, when goodies, like manna, seem to float down from heaven. Since you know the favoritism won't last forever, make the most of the opportunities that fall your way, especially during the enterprising Aries new-moon cycle. Although it's an annual occurrence, this year you're in far better shape to see things through to their successful conclusion.


Another joint financial matter could take wing with the Aries new moon on the 20th, so be sure to finish whatever business from the February new moon is still on your plate before it turns sour. Getting rid of stuff you no longer need and feelings that are festering is utterly appropriate, is "the right thing to do" whenever your sun ruler challenges anal-retentive Pluto. That this round of closet cleaning comes as the solar year ends is a prime example of synchronicity, but for a Leo sun worshipper, it may also become a religious ritual.


Set your sights on achieving a purely pleasurable objective, something easy, lusty and luscious that'll enhance your appearance and sweeten your disposition. It might not seem like a major accomplishment, but while lovable Venus favors expansive Jupiter in your sign, it, no matter what "it" turns out to be, can be a very big thing. Certainly big enough to lift you out of the doldrums and ease the anxiety you might have about a work assignment or a physical condition. Now is also a good time to try your luck.


Like your Virgo neighbors, you're in an excellent position, plus the timing is right, to test your luck. While your Venus ruler receives Jupiter's blessing for St. Patrick's Day, be sure to celebrate whatever windfall you do get, courtesy of a colleague, with friends and loved ones. Unlike Mama Lion Martha Stewart, you won't have to drag them to court. However, at the Aries full moon, something quite unexpected regarding a partner or co-worker might occur that'll make you question what you thought was a given.


While you're not directly in line to benefit from the fortunate liaison between lucky Jupiter and loving Venus, your partner is. Stay on the best of terms; you may need a staunch ally and a few creature comforts if your impulsive Mars co-ruler causes trouble when it rubs a family member the wrong way. Mars in dualistic Gemini tends to incite rebellion in the ranks and debates in the dining room. Until they actually occur, why not pursue a physically pleasurable activity you can call your own?


It's possible that the rewards due you might not be as massive as you deserve. Nonetheless, try to be gracious when sociable Venus and your magnanimous Jupiter ruler support each other's best intentions. Even if they don't live up to your expectations, good things always flow from this favorable trine. Besides, with spring just around the corner, can a whirlwind love affair be far behind? Perhaps your oldie but goodie main squeeze will get all fired up once passionate Mars enters your Gemini marriage house on the 20th?


Even a reclusive Goat can benefit from the fortunate connection beautiful Venus and lucky Jupiter make as they travel through the other earth signs. If your birthday is in December, you could be heading toward a foreign country or flirting madly with one of its natives. If you're January born, a handsome check to improve your surroundings or to help out a relative may already be in the mail. And while your spirits might not soar very high at the spring equinox, you know something always changes when the seasons change.


Aren't you the sitting duck? Watch out that you don't get swept away by your vivid imagination and willingness to believe whatever romantic notion is currently passing your way. While irresistible Venus tests gullible Neptune in your sign, take a time-out to count the ways you could lose your head. But if an intelligent Aquarius doesn't mind forfeiting the claim that "I am a rational human being!" then dive in and relish every sensuous thrill you can experience and a few you can only imagine. Take notes, draw pictures.


Read for Aquarius. Once again, the two signs are facing similar situations. Except that Fish rarely claim to be rational beings, nor do you mind diving headfirst into seductive, escapist romantic experiences. However, and this is merely a warning, an unusual situation could turn somewhat dangerous by the end of the month. That's when explosive Uranus in your sign is challenged by an angry and abusive Martian figure. Some find this outburst exciting; some, terrifying. For what it's worth, the aspect is also an earthquake indicator.

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