Rockie Horoscope

March 7 - 13, 2008
The Aquarius new moon/solar eclipse last month occurred the day after Super Tuesday. The Pisces new moon, eclipse-less but conjunct erratic Uranus, takes place on Friday, a few days after the Texas and Ohio primaries. We saw how things changed in February; we can only imagine how they'll evolve in March. Imagination becomes the featured quality this weekend as first Venus in Aquarius, then Mercury, merge with idealistic Neptune, the planet of faith and Photoshop. However the spin in spun will be set in motion before you turn your clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time. Martyr mode officially begins on the 12th, when Venus enters Pisces.


Along with clearing a physical space for what's coming next, it wouldn't hurt to use the fluid Pisces new moon on Friday to clear your head. This way, the good intentions that have outlived their usefulness can be flushed out of your system. That's what new moons in emotional water signs are supposed to do. It's likely that you'll have a "Eureka!" moment after your ballsy Mars ruler makes its third and final opposition to polluted Pluto. You're not being cruel, but isn't it time for the sore that's been festering and/or the scab that's been itching for the past six months to go?


The Pisces new moon could bring about a sudden change in a friendship or modify your involvement with a group of like-minded folks. Along with the onset of a new lunar cycle and the energy that phenomenon usually provides, this week iconoclastic Uranus adds its impressive two cents' worth. However, keep in mind that once your Venus ruler crosses from airy, intellectual Aquarius to emotion-driven Pisces on the 12th, you're liable to fall into a self-sacrificing mood that'll last until Venus joins the Aries new moon in April.


Start hoping that the Uranian thunderbolt tossed from on high doesn't disrupt your career when it crosses your Pisces midheaven this weekend. Should it come close enough to make you uncomfortable, reach out to your flock of faithful friends ASAP. Since your Mercury ruler is in a merger with visionary Neptune, you will benefit by communicating with artists and state-of-the-art technicians. Maybe an independent Aquarian analyst or political adviser could serve your cause as well.


Every new moon holds some significance for a Moon Child; however, the one in your Pisces house of lifelong dreams on Friday could arrive with a revelation about your place in the world at large. Since altruistic Uranus is part of this new-moon package, you might also be propelled further along your path to spiritual enlightenment. Or, because Uranus is so unpredictable, be thrown for a loop. Just remember to mind your p's and q's, especially if you're a June-born Crab who was recently infused with Martian piss and vinegar.


How many ways can a stouthearted Lion incorporate change? Let us count them. Or, since your sun ruler's conjunction with "I didn't see that coming" Uranus takes place in your Pisces house of money shared with others, let's not. Better to concentrate on the beauty Venus can bring to a significant relationship when she merges with idealistic Neptune in your Aquarius house of partners. Once you have those pictures in your mind, discussing what to do with them during Mercury's conjunction with Neptune on Sunday will be a big help.


Only the August-born might have to decide an issue pitting work against home, but once you make it, you're done. No regrets because, after six months of provocation, fiery Mars in your career midheaven will move on, maybe not as quickly as you'd like, but by the end of the month, it'll be fucking with something else. Meanwhile, regenerative Pluto in Capricorn, a compatible earth sign, can help you heal while you redo the house. All Virgins benefit from your Mercury ruler's marriage to musical, magical Neptune this weekend by staying relatively sober.


Another week, another forecast. Unlike the last prognosis, this one favors work and how quickly it can change. When the sun, the moon and Uranus meet in your Pisces house of your everyday routine, those days become charged with electric energy. It's not that you'll do more; it's more like you'll do things differently. A brilliant idea from out of the blue, emanating from either your brain or a co-worker's, will speed up your progress, especially if it's based on a vivid imagination. Knowing how to plug into the seat of power wouldn't hurt.


Just in time. The new moon in your Pisces house of romance, coupled with the sun's merger with erratic, erotic Uranus, augurs the arrival of a new squeeze or the revitalization of the current relationship. But if, for some non-Scorpionic reason, romance isn't on your mind, consider taking up a new sport. A flash of insight from Uranus might tempt you to undertake something you don't as yet control. Meanwhile, a persistent concern about finances is about to abate; the final opposition between Mars and Pluto, your co-ruling planets, takes place this weekend.


The new moon in your Pisces house of real estate can either aggravate or elevate your approach to an iffy condition concerning your home base. Archers are usually clear about what they perceive; however, having volatile Uranus affecting what happens at home can be both stressful and enlightening. Maybe Uranus' rulership of electronics will simply add a new gadget to your current supply. Or maybe you won't be able to make the damn thing work. Despite the high degree of difficulty, we're counseling patience and, in case of an earthquake, preparedness.


Time to build on a carefully constructed foundation. Sound familiar? This is what you may be thinking, now that expansive Jupiter has crossed the halfway mark of your sign. This is also the time to let you know that Jupiter's pace will slow down before it turns retrograde on May 9. That period of re-evaluation lasts for four months, but the planet of good luck and foresight doesn't make it back to where it is right now until the beginning of November. Take this timeline into consideration as you plan your agenda for the rest of the year.


Tempus fugit. There isn't much time left to enjoy or, better still, maximize the advantages of having magnetic Venus in your sign. That heady power of attraction could fade fast once the goddess moves into Pisces on the 12th. So pull out all the stops this weekend and make yourself as gorgeous, charming and amenable as possible. While your level of good taste is running high, you'll be tempted to buy, buy, buy. So what if the Pisces new moon in your money house empowers your erratic Uranus ruler? You've changed your mind before; how much could one more reversal of fortune cost?


Fish who are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Venus next week may have an opportunity to taste the variety of her gifts while she frolics with your artistic Neptune ruler this weekend. Even if you're not completely aware of what the goddess is offering (the conjunction takes place in your 12th house of dreams), your unconscious will. Sooner or later, these benefits will be passed on to you, let's hope at a time when you need them the most. Remember, Venus in Pisces is described as the quintessential martyr, a role you adopt too easily. Make a vow: not this year!


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