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There's another full, but not necessarily bad, moon on the rise this weekend. Coupled with stringent Saturn coming out of its retrograde winter nap and affectionate Venus shifting from proactive Aries to laid-back Taurus, we could be in for a few surprises. Romance, however, shouldn't take a back seat, since Venus forms easygoing relationships with horny Mars and erotic, experimental Uranus before settling down with Saturn next Thursday. That's when we poke our heads out from under the covers (Mercury leaves escapist Pisces for Aries) and see the down or dangerous sides of things for what they are. The pressure builds while the impressionable Pisces sun is tested by manipulative Pluto on the 12th. Stay tuned.


Even if there's a lot going on, psychologically speaking, the weeks before spring begins are the best time to take a time-out. It doesn't have to last long, but a short break from your daily routine and ongoing concerns would do you a world of good. Away from the fray, and while your Mars ruler is still in realistic, romantic Taurus, you can better evaluate and appreciate the recent changes in your life. Then, when your Mars ruler enters the dualistic Gemini mindset on the 20th, you'll be rested and ready for the ensuing mind games.


You're typically at your personal, most attractive and artistic best while your Venus ruler passes through your sign. For the next four weeks, take pains to pay more attention to your appearance, any "bull in a china shop" demeanor, as well as the beautiful objects that catch your eye. Right now both the latest trendsetting techniques, e.g., in bodywork or music, and your favorite oldies can be equally appealing, particularly while you're under the spell of this unusually romantic full-moon weekend. Indulge, enjoy.


The irresistible force, the undeniable urge, means something's gotta give, but it ain't necessarily you, babe. Persistent Pluto in your marriage house is being pressured by the wildly imaginative Pisces sun; therefore a major decision regarding a partner's career or family could be in the offing. Since your Mercury ruler is part of this tricky planetary configuration, you could also be involved, e.g., discover a secret you wish you hadn't. During a tense full-moon weekend, you're likely to overreact. Do yourself a favor, don't.


A financial matter may finally come to a head during this favorable, for a Crab, full-moon weekend, plus future travel plans could be confirmed. The stuff that dreams are made of can morph into a concrete reality while your moon ruler in practical Virgo and the imaginative Pisces sun face off. At the same time, rigid, responsible Saturn in your sign turns direct after a retrograde period that began when Daylight Saving Time ended. Trace the arc yourself. While far from being loose, the ties that bind should ease up, the load you're carrying lighten up.


Do you intend to spend like a drunken sailor while your sun ruler navigates through artful, musical Pisces? This full moon should tell if you're simply riding wave after wave of high hopes or if Pluto in your house of risk taking can strong-arm you into delivering something more substantial than inflated promises. There's a "push comes to shove" feel to the week, especially about matters concerning sex, death, insurance, taxes and other people's money. You may let yourself be manipulated, but for how long?


The Virgo-Pisces full moon focuses on relationships with significant others - be they allies or enemies, spouses or exes, agents or lawyers - and other entanglements you may have gotten yourself into. There's a good chance that something from your past could rise up to haunt you. Because toxic Pluto plays a major role in this week's drama, a painful childhood memory might surface, an obnoxious relative could attempt to get in touch. If you don't already have it, get caller ID. Protect your privacy.


You might take a kinder, gentler approach to relationship matters once your Venus ruler is in peace-loving Taurus instead of aggressive Aries. Time and patience can work wonders, help you make amends and even introduce a new romantic interest to your social scene. Or, failing that, an interesting playmate. Money, family and career matters that were put on hold while Saturn was retrograde the last four months can slowly move forward after the planet of denial and dues paying turns direct on Sunday. The operative word is slowly.


You may find yourself on the financial hot seat while the Pisces sun, in your house of romance, recreation and risk, challenges your Pluto co-ruler. Maybe someone like Regis will present an opportunity to become a Super Millionaire, but short of a full-fledged rescue mission, you're the one who'll pay to play. Nevertheless, if you feel the odds are in your favor - only you and I know how frequently your premonitions come true - why not take the chance? Even if you lose, in another month you'll probably have those bucks back.


This full-moon period can provide an answer to a crucial question, bring a career matter to a head or suggest, not too subtly, that you sacrifice something precious for the sake of family loyalty. To the far-from-home Sag who is still wondering, "Who are these people and what do they want from me now?," the above scenarios may seem far too dramatic. However, for those with mid-December birthdays, the answers could be crystal clear. It's taken a lifetime to arrive at this critical point in your evolution; please don't ignore it.


Think back. What happened in late October that is still not resolved? Since that's when your Saturn ruler turned retrograde, it follows that, after Saturn turns direct on Sunday, something that was stashed on the back burner will return to front and center. Because Saturn is in your Cancer complement, the matter probably concerns a relationship, be it with a partner, co-worker or health provider. Things might progress very slowly, but because all-accepting Venus favors Saturn this week, they shouldn't cause any worry.


Push might not actually come to shove where a friendship is concerned, but the attitude the other person is projecting can be just as threatening. Blame Pluto for forcing the issue, also for demanding that you pay up, if not in money, then with something else of value. No, not your honor, or your little black book. Meanwhile, Saturn turning direct this weekend, after a four-month hiatus, might make you a lot more aware of the responsibility you have toward your current lover, the kids, your teammates, too.


Like the other mutable signs, the Geminis, Virgos and Sagittarians, who react to events rather than act, you're due for one helluva full-moon weekend. If it's also your birthday week, you can expect a dramatic change when the Pisces sun focuses on the healing powers regenerative Pluto can provide. After the fall, of course. With a well-meaning, well-heeled partner (Jupiter in Virgo) waiting in the wings to pick you up, there probably won't be much damage. However, be prepared to relinquish something you still want that's bad to the bone.


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