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Another highly charged week as the Venus-Uranus marriage on the 4th tends to disrupt the established rhythm of romantic as well as business relationships. Mercury's move into independent Aries that day could change the tone of messages given and received; don't be put off if they're direct and abrupt. On Monday slash-and-burn Mars, exalted, i.e., more effective, in Capricorn, opposes Saturn in Cancer and brings to a head a situation that began in May when they met. Rams, Crabs, the Scales and Goats are especially vulnerable. The Pisces new moon Thursday initiates a lunar cycle that'll last until the total solar eclipse on April 10. Prepare yourself: Mercury will be retrograde from March 19 to April 12.


The opposition should show up while restrictive Saturn opposes your adventurous Mars ruler. Whether you have to confront a real live pain-in-the-ass person or deal with a sticky situation hardly makes a difference. The impact on you personally, as well as on your career plans, is what'll make the difference. If you feel like a martyr, relax. That's simply the annual rite, a.k.a. the Pisces new moon, taking place in your house of services rendered to the cosmos: the dues you pay for getting to do your own thing. It'll pass.


The Pisces new moon directs attention to a matter concerning a colleague's impact on your career and how your business and social life tie together. While your Venus ruler transits empathetic, charitable Pisces, you could be giving way too many people the benefit of the doubt. However, this generous attitude won't last much longer. Before spring arrives and Venus moves on to self-sufficient Aries, you may have to face facts, e.g., the bottom line, and around St. Paddy's Day dip into your secret stash.


Your Mercury ruler doesn't flip backward until the 19th, but it's already paving the way for the usual retrograde crises and confusions. Make sure plans for the Easter holiday are firmly in place; also try to minimize the impact if a career matter that begins with the Pisces new moon on the 10th gets tabled during retrograde. What you might enjoy, more than progress on a project, is the joyful spiritual high you get from the grand air-sign trine among idealistic Neptune in Aquarius, optimistic Jupiter in Libra and your own Gemini planets.


Stand fast. Stoical Saturn in your sign can help you face an onslaught of Martian assertiveness from either an ally or an antagonist. Chances are you'll stay the course, but the aftermath of the confrontation could turn out to be one of those lessons of a lifetime; thankfully it's one that won't have to be re-learned for the next 29 years. Meanwhile, the Pisces new moon on the 10th offers the Moon Child an opportunity to rise above the commonplace, to be inspired by a mentor, a book or a realization that'll add another dimension to your idea of the well-lived life.


Steady as she goes. Your psychological ship of state won't be thrown off course, not while your sun ruler and stable Saturn form a supportive trine this week. Relish the reward, no matter how subtle. The Pisces new moon could initiate a new, mutually advantageous financial, even sexual, partnership. However, you'll still be determined to pursue a pleasurable pastime, no matter what it costs or how long it takes. Remember that the days marking the end of one astrological year and the beginning of another can be an especially emotional time for the Lion.


Because your Mercury ruler will be retrograde from March 19 until April 12, if you haven't already done so, now would be a good time to assemble the paperwork for your tax return. Once Mercury flips, who knows what you'll have to repair or redo? However, between a family matter that meant something in December surfacing again and the money you can earn from the art or music you're making, who knows where you'll find the time? As you may have guessed, there's a lot going on, not the least of which is the surge in creativity, sexuality too.


It's not the first time, and it won't be the last, that lucky Jupiter in your sign rewards, and is rewarded in turn by, imaginative Neptune in your house of creativity, recreation and romance. Besides improving a loving relationship, you can achieve a lot while this combination of highly intuitive, high-principled energy propels you forward. Plus, your occasionally indolent, insouciant Venus ruler now favors consistency and passion, ensuring that your reputation benefits from your hard work and artistic talent.


More information about a complicated financial matter comes to light while the Pisces sun challenges your Pluto co-ruler. Its successful resolution might not happen until Mercury finishes its retrograde trip a few days before the April 15 tax deadline. Meanwhile, patiently learn what you can from an experienced adviser, especially if rules and regulations are involved. Despite being busy with all the above, don't ignore a potentially romantic invitation issued by the sweet person you meet shortly after the Pisces new moon this week.


Like your Libra and Aquarius brethren, Sag can be rewarded by your Jupiter ruler's liaison with idealistic, artistic Neptune, especially if you're involved in a cooperative venture. This success should balance whatever uneasiness results from digging into a family affair or taking a stroll down memory lane with a childhood friend. However, with so much going on, concentrating adequately on a financial matter that thankfully won't re-appear for another 29 years, could be difficult. Best get your priorities in order ASAP.


Curious Caps may be granted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to penetrate the mystery surrounding a partnership: why you're still in it or why you're not. Bold, brave Mars, exalted in your sign, helps you perceive the nature of a karmic relationship when it opposes your Saturn ruler in Cancer, your cosmic "other." A supportive trine to Saturn from the compassionate, ego-less Pisces sun should cushion your reaction to whatever you discover. Make the most of this unique opportunity if and when it comes around.


Read for Libra and Sagittarius and take whatever is pertinent to heart. Speaking of hearts, lovable Venus is looking to stabilize a relationship that was recently shaken up. Let time, and the goddess, be on your side to work their healing magic, we hope without any more prodding from folks who feel they have a vested interest. While it may be difficult to separate yourself physically from the group, for the next few weeks try to disengage psychologically. Also try expressing yourself through an art form you're unfamiliar with. You'll be surprised.


This month take time to appreciate the stable relationships you currently enjoy, especially ones with the very young and the very old. Or whatever constitutes "age" these days. Experience, be it with a teammate or a lover, is truly the best teacher; a lesson can easily be drilled home while Saturn supports the impressionable Pisces sun. If you need more of a challenge, undertake a project when the sun provokes Pluto in your career midheaven. But if hard work is not the answer, try reinventing yourself one more time.


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