Rockie Horoscope

Jan. 18-24, 2008
Politics aside, the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday could turn out to be quite romantic. The sexual tension generated between females and males by the Venus-Mars opposition on Saturday is best resolved in bed, not, despite Mars' retrograde visit to talkative Gemini, in debate. Until Venus' conjunction with passionate Pluto on Wednesday has run its course, there might not be a good enough reason to move on. Does Mercury's impending switch into retrograde on the 28th qualify? If there's a lot to do beforehand, yes.


"Clank." You can almost hear the universe change gears as affable Venus and powerful Pluto shift out of freewheeling Sagittarius into controlling Capricorn. Let's hope you're already in Mercury-retrograde mode, because the little imp turns around on the 28th for three weeks. Experience has taught us that the days preceding and following the official stations are often when equipment stops working and wheels stop turning. Of some help: Your crusading Mars ruler goes direct on the 30th, just in time for Super Tuesday.


The start of solar Aquarius, on the 20th this year, is usually a wake-up call to initiate your next career move, the one that'll be a fait accompli by summer. However, Mercury is about to turn retrograde in your Aquarius midheaven, possibly delaying whatever plans you had in mind. You could try to press forward, but don't take it personally if people don't return your calls or e-mails. They might not get the message. Instead, focus on the drama created by your Venus ruler's merger with passionate Pluto on the 23rd.


Since it's your Mercury ruler that's turning retrograde, fouling up the works for everybody else, be grateful that you'll have two opportunities to come up with excellent excuses. Mercury merges with imaginative Neptune in Aquarius on both the 22nd and Groundhog Day. In between, there may be intense interest generated by a partnership, both the romantic and the business kind. But because Mercury is in reverse until February 18, you shouldn't commit, i.e., sign a legally binding agreement, for three more weeks. Sorry about that.


The MLK Jr. holiday may turn into a bonanza for both you and an enthusiastic partner. You should thank lucky Jupiter in your Capricorn marriage house for rewarding stable Saturn for its arduous trek through your money house. Although the Leo moon isn't totally full until early Tuesday morning, you may already feel that wonderful sense of satisfaction. If there's a chance to do something special over the long weekend, take it before Mercury flips into reverse and messes around with your access to other people's resources.


For the next few weeks, a great deal of the public's interest will be centered on your Aquarius house of allies and antagonists. Along with your sun ruler's transit, pesky Mercury will be flitting back and forth, making offers and withdrawing them. If you're determined to reach an agreement, make sure you have an expert's eyes reviewing the small print. Otherwise, try to postpone negotiations until February is finally fini. Just in time for serious Super Bowl wagering, lucky Venus will join up with even luckier Jupiter in your sports zone.


Conveniently for the health-conscious Virgo, the solar energy this month is centered on your Aquarius house of diet, exercise and maintaining your daily routine. Boring for the others? Maybe, but while your Mercury ruler is retracing its path through this zone, it makes perfect (a Virgo adjective) sense to figure out what works for you and what needs improvement. But that's not the whole story: Romantic, artistic and eminently popular Venus may create the ideal Valentine's Day, but primarily for the August-born.


Enjoying all the attention your Venus ruler is attracting? Good. Worried about too many PDAs aggravating a hothead who wields a lot of clout? Bad. Perhaps you'll start to cool it a bit after Venus enters conservative Capricorn on the 24th. If so, don't neglect to take advantage of the goodies directed your way when Venus meets up with extremely fortunate Jupiter at the midwinter celebration of Imbolc on February 1. You needn't go overboard -- no buying a house on impulse -- but a few fabulous presents wouldn't hurt.


How a Scorpio manages to profit financially from what are usually romantic, possibly passionate planetary alignments is your secret to know and ours to admire. Anyway, that's what's forecast for your immediate future. Affectionate, as well as lucky, Venus in your house of assets, acquisitions and attitudes is completing powerful aspects to both Mars and Pluto, your co-ruling planets, as well as commanding the attention of conservative, pragmatic Saturn and expansive, optimistic Jupiter. Amazing. FYI: Clinton's sun is in Scorpio; Obama has Scorpio rising.


Divine intervention or simply a stroke of incredibly good luck? You could be getting many more blessings than the annual marriage of popular Venus and your Jupiter ruler usually bestows. This year, their conjunction receives the hard-to-get approval of authoritarian Saturn in Virgo. While the November-born Archer may be struggling with the responsibilities Saturn is foisting on you, the others are rising to the current career challenge and preparing, later rather than right now, for their move into the executive suite.


The rewarding trine aspect between beneficial Jupiter and your realistic Saturn ruler doesn't occur often enough to take for granted. Since having lucky Jupiter in your sign happens only once every 12 years, try not to bitch too much when Mercury in your Aquarius money house flips into reverse and withholds what you deem is your due. Instead, assume a philosophical, optimistic attitude (one of Jupiter's gifts) and stop fretting. It may be hard to drop the Capricorn negativity, but now would be an excellent time to begin.


The full moon in Leo, your cosmic complement, suggests that you'd better pay attention to what's going on with your partnership. Leo is a demanding presence, so despite your involvement with assorted group activities, it's the one-on-one that matters. Now is also a good time to deal with correspondence, travel plans, orders and repairs that could be affected by Mercury turning retrograde in your sign on the 28th. The good news: Sexy Mars goes direct in your Gemini house of romance and recreation on the 30th. Action!


Consider adopting the role of the recluse. While the Aquarius sun sets in your "hidden" 12th house and Mercury performs its retrograde routine there, you can avoid being blamed for the petty annoyances that may take place when the Messenger merges with your spacy Neptune ruler. Twice between today and Groundhog Day and again at the full moon in February. On the other hand, sociable Venus in your career midheaven teaming up with jolly Jupiter sounds like an invitation to join the party and enjoy their substantial benefits.


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