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As of today, this is what our sky looks like: The sun and retrograde Mercury are set to meet at 21 Capricorn on Saturday. That night, militant Mars in Scorpio squares "there's a surprise in store" Uranus at 27 degrees of Aquarius. Peaceable Venus is in early Sagittarius, separating quickly from her recent liaison with Mars. Even though Mars will cross over to Sag on the 16th, their romance is pretty much over; the next time they get together is in April 2004. Jupiter is retrograde at 16 Leo, Saturn retrograde at 24 Gemini. Neptune is direct at 10 Aquarius; Pluto at 18 Sag is almost free of its opposition to Saturn, but not quite.


Early Friday, the Aries moon marks the first quarter of the latest new-moon cycle. Any minute now you'll find out what your mission for the rest of January is supposed to be. Just hope that the accident-prone square between your impulsive Mars ruler and disruptive Uranus on Saturday doesn't have you flying off the handle at the drop of a hat time and time again. Instead, try to be brilliant, perceptive and inventive. Once Mars moves on to Sagittarius, a fire sign whose temperament suits yours, you won't have to keep a secret any longer.


A Taurus moon Saturday and Sunday is license to lie back and enjoy the weekend. No matter how close you are to the person who gets upset or acts strangely, you don't have to be involved in their drama. Rarely are Bulls this detached from planets that represent other signs. No doubt stuff will occur: Most notably for you, the sun's meeting with retrograde Mercury in your house of philosophy, visions and faith. Without lifting a book or a finger, you could be privy to words of wisdom courtesy of the conjunction and your spirit guides.


This weekend is one of the six times a year when your Mercury ruler and the sun join forces to transmit knowledge whether you asked for it or not. Somebody up there suspects you need it, so despite an antagonistic attitude that can affect the mood of the general populace, try to keep an open mind. The info you receive could well be about joint finances or the assets, values and investments you share with others. It may seem early, but while Mercury is retrograde, this would be a good time to gather records and receipts for your tax return.


A project that needs to be done with a partner can get a big boost while the sun and Mercury meet up in your Capricorn marriage house this weekend. Spend time with this person soon so you can review (Mercury is retrograde) your original plans and improve upon them. This task might be harder than you think, since there's a wildly impulsive vibe in the air generated by adventurous Mars in your house of romance and risk. Given a choice, which of us wouldn't prefer to head for a ski resort, court danger, and experience some wicked thrills and chills?


One of the advantages, among many, of being a Leo is that every January, when the sun is in your Capricorn house of work and health, you get to test your willpower and tackle a new project. Unfortunately, your sun ruler is entangled in Mercury's retrograde web this weekend, so you can't expect to make significant headway. You could, however, learn a lot more about the services you're providing, the nature of the dues you're paying and the karma you're cleaning. Nothing particularly physical, but healing just the same.


How many projects already in the works can you finish while your Mercury ruler is retrograde? Since new business won't be demanding your attention, quite a lot. If the truth be told, you may have to wait another month for Mercury to get back to where it was when it flipped on the 2nd, to pass through its "shadow," before your new year kicks in. But if February 11 is too far in the future, then use the next 10 days to follow up on overtures made during the Christmas party season. That won't be a waste of your time.


A more efficient way to handle a family matter can appear like a bolt from the blue when the pragmatic Capricorn sun and Mercury meet on Saturday. And while the idea might not be especially original, it could solve whatever problem has been bothering you or your relatives. The tendency to spend big bucks is exacerbated right now because Mars in your money house is being challenged by impulsive Uranus in your house of fun and games. "Caveat emptor," especially if you're buying sporting equipment or airline tickets.


Curb your enthusiasm and maybe you'll get through the weekend without amassing a bunch of bruises. Since your Mars co-ruler is in a precarious aspect to unpredictable Uranus, you're liable to be more reckless than a safety-first Scorpio normally would. Forewarned, they say, is forearmed. Other pertinent information may come via a phone call or the Internet while retrograde Mercury and the sun meet in your Capricorn house of communication and commerce. You might not think you need to know what you learn from this source, but it'll come in handy.


Pay attention to the advice you get this weekend, especially if it involves financial matters. While the sun and retrograde Mercury meet in your Capricorn money house, a word to the wise should suffice. Since Mercury is retrograde, you may receive confirmation of a thought you had a while back, something, in retrospect, you should have acted on but didn't. Well, don't, at least not until Mercury turns direct on the 22nd. Mars entering your sign on the 16th for seven weeks can provide the energy you may be lacking.


Could you be more correct, more effective or better organized? While the sun and Mercury retrograde meet in your sign, Capricorns fall into professorial mode, dispensing knowledge like the experienced pros they are. Make the most of this advantageous position and the respect it brings. On the other hand - and there always is one - you're also being urged to engage in a spur-of-the-moment buying spree by disruptive Uranus in your money house. If a competitive pal is egging you on, tune him out.


Pulling off a daredevil stunt and participating in extreme sports are sure-fire ways to direct the erratic energy generated by Mars' square to your Uranus ruler. If you survive the obvious dangers, you could become famous. This disruptive aspect is also what leads to acts of terrorism, but if none of the above activities are up your alley, consider staying in bed this weekend and preserving precious life and limb. That would be the best place to appreciate the erotic implications of this challenging aspect.


Artistic, sociable Venus is hovering around your career midheaven, absorbing the spirited atmosphere and looking for a way to enhance your reputation in your community. If there's a political group you can ally with or an environmental cause you wholeheartedly want to get behind, now would be an excellent time to hook up with people who share your views. It's not simply the winter season making you more of an activist, but right now, there aren't enough planets focused on your personal life to make much of an impact.


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