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If you're in a not-so-celebratory mood for New Year's, blame it on the sun's opposition to restrictive Saturn, exacerbated by a challenging square from militant Mars. Maybe you can attribute the funk to optimistic Jupiter turning retrograde on Saturday for the next four months. Or perhaps you're wondering what sort of Epiphany you'll have when Mercury finally flips forward on Tuesday? Many questions, and few answers, until we see what happens during the Cancer-Capricorn full moon Wednesday morning.


This could turn out to be a crucial week. Whether shit happens to you or you take steps to make things happen, in no way will the events be insignificant. Not while your Mars ruler in your own sign - but only until Groundhog Day - is issuing a clarion call to action. Some Rams might slash and burn through red tape or test an authority figure's decision; others will simply follow where their imagination and idealism lead. Artists and inventors, music, video and film folk, and those in the military are likely to receive recognition.


Be very nice to the woman who is willing and able to pull strings on your behalf. Because your Venus ruler is connected, in a beneficial way, to manipulative Pluto, power and powerful people won't corrupt her, and they won't hurt you either. The Cancer full moon, however, could affect a financial matter that's been on hold while Mercury has been retrograde. Wait as long as you can to see how things progress before tapping into other people's money, i.e., signing loan papers, investing in a mutual fund or rolling over an IRA.


Some Twins will be affected by Taurus' forecast, some by Cancer's. Read them both to see which has the greater resonance. Because your mental Mercury ruler is coming out of retrograde the same week that intellectual Jupiter goes into it, you could act on false hopes, misinformation or mixed signals, especially if you assume that a rational being like yourself always behaves rationally. Uh-uh; there are stronger emotional currents influencing decisions right now than any Twin is aware of. Particularly if they concern family finances.


The Moon Child reacts to a new or full moon like no other sign does, but when Luna comes to perfection in Cancer, the imprint it leaves on your unconscious could last the entire year. As the Capricorn sun opposes both your ruling orb and responsible Saturn in your sign, the "you-me" dichotomy that dictated last year's dance can be heavily influenced in 2004 by a third party. That would be daring, horny Mars in Aries, cutting in on the dancers, disrupting a comfortable routine and sending one of you off on an exciting adventure, but not both at the same time.


The first two weeks of January is traditionally when Leo takes steps to become a healthier specimen and to set up much-needed services for others. It is prudent Capricorn sixth-house action that transforms you from a holiday party animal into an efficient executive. However, this year your new regime could start a little late, because Mercury is still in your Sag house of fun and games, about to change direction. Plus affectionate Venus in your Aquarius house of partners is inviting you to keep her company a while longer. Enjoy.


Along with the Cancer full moon highlighting your innate talents and your Mercury ruler's imminent flip out of retrograde, the other event this week is Jupiter's reversal in the middle of your sign. If only you could be patient until you see what happens, you'd be in an excellent position to benefit from the rewarding sun-Jupiter trine next Friday. There's lots of retracing footsteps ahead of you, and a certain amount of rethinking your goals, but while you're under Jupiter's protection, things should still turn out splendidly.


As one of the four cardinal signs, the primary movers in the zodiac, you're likely to have a dramatic reaction to the heavy-duty parental full moon, as well as to prickly barbs from Mars in your marriage house. Someone might need a time-out before a family matter that's been stalled shakes loose and disrupts the household. Thankfully, harmonious vibes from your Venus ruler in airy Aquarius can make your social life a lot of fun and more creative than you expected. Whether they're your or your playmates' ideas, the results can be impressive.


Other signs are more affected by Mercury's retrograde trip and its upcoming change of direction; however, for many Scorpios, the switch takes place in your money house. Crabs and Goats might behave like lunatics during the Cancer-Capricorn full moon, but since your Mars co-ruler is intimately involved in that stressful opposition, you could bear the brunt of what comes to pass. Don't pay attention to rumors or dramatic mood changes; wait until you're fairly certain that your information is accurate and curb the impulse to act out of anger.


Put on a happy face and assume that your Jupiter ruler's retrograde trip won't work against your best interests. Trust that the retrograde will give you time to get your true career priorities in order, so that when Jupiter turns direct in May, you'll have real-life experience to back up your expectations. No, you won't get bored or discouraged. Energetic Mars in your Aries house of risk, recreation and romance should keep you physically active, eager to explore unfamiliar territory and not-so-surprisingly horny.


This week has "significance" written all over it. You may have to maneuver around another obstacle when the Capricorn sun opposes the emotional Cancer full moon in your house of partners. Unlike the sun's opposition to your determined Saturn ruler on New Year's Eve, perhaps now you can relent without losing face. Aggressive Mars in your house of domestic bliss/blitzkrieg plays a crucial part in this lunar event, so whether you're breaking through walls or fighting off the family, you'll be doing it for the next two weeks.


It's only fitting and proper that your house of friendship is the one lit up for the holidays; also that magnetic Venus is in your sign, attracting attention and admiration. So, if you haven't had your fill of social events, get out there and connect with some of those not-so-significant others. At least one auld acquaintance may have the hots for you, especially during the simpatico Cancer full moon, when Venus and passionate Pluto are in sync. Try not to dwell on a financial problem that may be resolved soon enough.


An uncomfortable family situation could undergo an about-face when retrograde Mercury turns direct at the top of your chart; the same goes for a career matter. Once again, the problem will probably be solved by money - Mars in your house of finances being the vehicle for obtaining something else you value. Take the initiative while you have the planet of courage and daring egging you on. A reward is due next weekend when generous Jupiter in your house of significant others is favored by the reputable Capricorn sun, and vice versa.


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