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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Whether you're checking out the ornaments on the tree, racing around returning presents or wondering what to wear for New Year's Eve, somewhere in the back of your mind there's that question: Is the new year going to be anything like the old year? Better, as bad or worse? The best day to envision your future possibilities (we're all somewhat psychic) would be Tuesday, the 30th. That's when intuitive Uranus enters imaginative Pisces (for the next eight years) and loving Venus merges with idealistic Neptune. That's also the day that retrograde Mercury returns to Sagittarius, the sign of the seer.


The new year begins and ends with a surge of passion, audacity and determination. There may be moments in May when you doubt your progress, but they'll pass as soon as your Mars ruler slips away from Saturn's restraints. Family matters can seem more serious than they really are - don't let them interfere with a hot summer romance. Late September, when prosperous, protective Jupiter gives the nod, is the time to launch a new project; you haven't been in such a cosmically favored position for the last two years.


Because your affectionate Venus ruler goes retrograde in the sign of the Twins this spring, you could find yourself in an exasperating dilemma, unable to make up your mind and move on. Venus' extended trip through Gemini - from April through July - can also have an impact on financial matters and other things of value. Be patient, use your imagination to find a solution, and trust that luck will prevail in March, August and November, when Venus and Jupiter, the bearers of good fortune, fulfill your heart's desires.


In 2004, quick-witted Twins get to master the art of factoring prudence and practicality into the decision-making process without compromising their ultimate vision. Imagine: more money, less guilt! Because your Mercury ruler crosses the border between realistic earth signs and inspired fire signs during its three retrograde sessions, you'll come out with high spirits and high ideals intact. April, August and December are the months to go on vacation, visit old friends or write the screenplay. June and July, the best time for making mad, passionate whoopee.


This year, Saturn stretches from 6 to 27 degrees of Cancer, molding impressionable young Crabs into shape along the way. The divine disciplinarian brings a sense of responsibility and mature behavior no matter what your age, so prepare to grow into the person you were destined from birth to become. The trickiest time for the USA and George W. is June, when the planet of repression and retribution sits on their sun degree. Although Saturn doesn't flip into reverse again until November 7, the Election Day results could turn out to be disheartening, again.


Try to do some skiing, skating or scuba diving during the first two months of 2004. Physical activity coupled with a change of climate will rejuvenate your body and spirit like nothing has in years. While partnership matters continue to be unclear, fanciful or difficult to nail down, they shouldn't throw you for a loop anymore, like a Uranian twist of fate. A clandestine fling in June might become more intense and last longer than either one of you figures: a meeting not only of sexual appetites, but of minds and creative talents as well.


You remain the chief beneficiary of Jupiter's largess through September, after which the jolly giant moves into your Libra money house for the next 13 months. Don't take opportunities to become wealthier and wiser for granted. Because unpredictable Uranus can upset Virgins born in August, while destructive Pluto nails those born in mid-September, knowing what to do and having the wherewithal to do it would be a very good thing. When your Mercury ruler turns retrograde in April, August and December, take a vacation, plan a reunion, go on retreat.


Your luck should improve dramatically once expansive Jupiter gets to Libra in time for your birthday. Thirteen months of protection, prosperity and enthusiasm follow, so plan to launch a pet project while the force of the Greater Fortuna is with you. A romance or a close friendship may go south while your Venus ruler is retrograde in the sign of the Twins this spring; give yourself lots of time - say, until August - for things to settle before making your choice. Saturn in your career midheaven suggests that you're going to be president of something, someday soon.


In 2004, you won't feel you're slogging through a swamp, because your Mars co-ruler doesn't go retrograde. Instead, the red planet takes swift, sure steps around the zodiac from hot, horny Aries to sociable Sagittarius. In the course of the year, you'll get to sample the best or the worst qualities nine signs have to offer before you move on. Compare that to the six months you've just spent treading water in soulful Pisces, sacrificing self-preservation in an often futile attempt to be compassionate. Change, the fixed Scorpio will find, is good.


If the odds are favorable, take the chance and the ultimate payoff. As long as Jupiter is in your career midheaven, you'll continue to expand your influence, spread your good name and enjoy your ruling planet's protection, even while it's retrograde from January 4 until May 4. A risky adventure when fiery Mars is in impulsive Aries this winter, a joyful Leo experience when it explores new terrain in July. Venus in your Gemini partnership house for months on end can make spring 2004 an especially social and marriage-minded season.


The situations you're already involved in don't change drastically in the new year. However, they're liable to intensify or have more impact on you than they already have. Since your Saturn ruler continues traveling through Cancer, your cosmic complement, long-term relationships in both your personal life and business could become more serious. You may have to assume greater responsibility for significant others or back off entirely. Keep in mind that prosperous Jupiter in earthy Virgo keeps the funds flowing through the summer.


The biggest change, the one that'll affect how you react to almost everything, is your unpredictable Uranus ruler's shift out of Aquarius for good. Whatever lesson the Great Awakener taught you is now part and parcel of the persona you present. What you're left with now, and for years to come, is artistic, idealistic Neptune in your sign. If you haven't already started, try to explore whatever talents you do possess and learn more about the art forms that appeal to you. 2004 is the year you reach a higher level of spiritual awareness, too.


Total transformation, especially for Fish born in February, or simply a change in appearance, attitude and demeanor? This year, independent-minded, humanitarian Uranus remains in Pisces, even during its retrograde session - June through November. Meanwhile your Neptune ruler continues inching its way through Aquarius, introducing artistic folks into your social scene. Because benevolent Jupiter is in your marriage house, they're also likely to be wealthy, witty and wise. A romantic attraction becomes serious in August.

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