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It'll take a while to figure out what Wednesday's solar eclipse initiated or what to expect from optimistic Jupiter turning retrograde on the 4th. Thankfully, Mercury is the planet that presides over the weekend, making us just a little bit smarter and, after it enters Capricorn on Sunday, a lot more pragmatic. The workweek is anything but. On Monday the celebratory Sagittarius sun conjuncts "change my life, make it right" Pluto and trines jolly Jupiter. Anything goes. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are doable, but nothing special happens until Friday, the 13th.


Dinner and a movie can easily morph into a wedding and a honeymoon. Thanks to enthusiastic Jupiter, this holiday season you're likely to take the ordinary to extraordinary heights. And even if you don't have money, you and your honey are so in tune with each other, not to mention extremely resourceful, that you'll figure out a way to have your cake, eat it too, and feed all your friends. Independent Rams who usually go solo won't stay that way for long. Your Mars ruler and affectionate Venus are joined at the hip for the duration.


It hardly matters how much income there is to dispose of this Christmas. You're in one of those lavish spending cycles when extravagant Jupiter plays havoc with your eye for beauty and desire to please. How much is too much? Gamblers tend to go hog-wild while gourmands pig out on expensive pleasures. There may be a whiff of false cheer in the air, but, with war drums beating in the background, who cares? Eat, drink, and be merry; next Christmas, adventurous Mars and your romantic Venus ruler won't be dancing cheek to cheek.


Although you might not be on duty, psychologically you're still on call. Even if you intend to go skiing for the holidays, Twins should be prepared, once again, to respond to whoever's need is greater than yours. Know that you won't have to play responsible parent much longer - this is the last Christmas restrictive Saturn will be in your sign - but since you're in a period of forced maturity, you might as well do a thorough job. Pressures ease up once the Gemini full moon is over and Capricorn begins.


While some Crabs can take the meaning of holiday to heart and take time off, others may have to work harder than expected. But no matter, there's no significant resentment from a significant other pointed your way. In fact, those in the throes of a hot love affair still get to shower each other with great, probably overly expensive, goodies. Expanding beyond your customary spending limits and your usual gift list is what this Christmas is all about. Next year you'll be more prudent and less romantically inclined, so make the most of this moment in time.


"'Tis the season to be jolly" might seem like too much work. Simply having enthusiastic Jupiter in your sign is about as much good cheer as you can stomach. And the other familiar exhortations, especially "good will toward men," could also strike a false note. This holiday season, that strong will of yours is geared more toward making a meaningful contribution than simply having a good time or providing one for loved ones. However, if you do get carried away by Jupiter's sense of abundance, you can always extend your line of credit.


You might as well give in to the holiday spirit and let the healing begin. "Repair, renew, regenerate" could well be the mantra resounding within your family circle, bouncing off the holly-filled halls. Whether it's obvious to all concerned or not, therapy of some sort is taking place. Having your discerning Mercury ruler in pragmatic Capricorn for the rest of the year should protect you from the wretched excess of emotions, expectations and expenditures some other signs are succumbing to. Guess who?


Better than last year's was, probably better than next year's will be, welcome to Christmas 2002. Librans benefit from their friends, especially good-natured Leos who won't stop giving and Sagittarians who intend to lighten your load. Aquarius and Gemini, the other air signs, add froth to the mix, but the guys who come closest to filling your stocking with whatever has been missing are Scorpios, Aries, another Libra and a trusty Taurus. Because Mars and your Venus ruler are together this year, you won't feel alone.


Love and desire burn bright this holiday season. If you're not already attached or didn't fall madly in lust last week, then your time is coming. As long as affectionate Venus is cozying up to your Mars co-ruler and they're united in Scorpio, you'll be sending out signals that are hard to resist. Something equally romantic will occur in December 2004, but unless you're blessed with divine patience or are currently "working things out," who wants to wait? You're in a position now to spread comfort and joy, to heal what hurts.


Archers usually don't push their way to center stage unless they have an exceptionally good song to sing. They rarely settle for the ordinary or do what's expected. So it should come as no surprise to learn that this holiday season is special. Go ahead and take aim at what you feel will enrich your life; you can get straight to the heart of the matter and score a big hit. Your magnanimous, eternally optimistic Jupiter ruler will probably get into the act and perhaps even step out of line. Remind your friends to tell you when to say when.


Who holds down the fort? Goats do! With an occasional assist from a Bull or an Eagle, i.e., a well-grounded Taurus or an enlightened Scorpio. The Capricorn's Christmas season this year centers on you, as always, and your interpretation of the news you hear, the information you receive. Having Mercury in your sign not only makes you more perceptive, it also increases your ability to communicate. Mercury in Capricorn brooks no bullshit, so go ahead, make plans, map out the coming year. Just tell someone who cares what's on your mind.


The focus is so not on you this holiday season, you might as well fade into the woodwork or become an anonymous elf in Santa's workshop. It's your significant other, or others, the business partner, your boss or an attractive client, who'll command the attention. It's also possible that a parent could manipulate you into doing what you'd rather not. Under the circumstances, go with the flow (not an easy thing for a fixed sign such as yours) and enjoy whatever wretched excess the others are planning.


It suddenly dawned on me that Santa Claus must be a Pisces. No other sign is as popular this time of year. Who else spreads so much joy? What other sign could become such a famous spokesman for the wholesale consumption of mood-altering substances like glogg and eggnog? Then there's that sweet tooth, and all the cookies. Well, you know your role this season. Give everything you've got, agree to be worshipped from afar, do the impossible, make headlines, and once Xmas is over, arrange to disappear for a while.


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