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This column from January, which we're running two weeks in a row while I'm on vacation, forecast the year ahead for each of the signs. Any resemblance to the way yours turned out?:

2003 brings big changes. In March, independent Uranus leaves Aquarius for compassionate Pisces, a sign it hasn't been in since that relatively peaceful period between 1919 and 1927. Restrictive Saturn leaves Gemini in June for Cancer; in October it'll be smack on the USA's sun (and W's, too.) Everybody: Read the Crab's forecast. Jupiter switches modes from high-spirited Leo to health-conscious Virgo in late August, a good time to stay in bed. Fiery Mars travels from Scorpio to Pisces by mid-June, then spends the next six months in the sign of the Fish, blowing off steam, I hope, instead of waging war over oil and sea lanes.


Rams rule! It might take a few months to realize your elevated position, but that won't get in the way of your appointment with destiny. Your Mars ruler leaves clandestine Scorpio for spirited Sagittarius in mid-January. Valentine's Day weekend should be devilishly red-hot. Your role as CEO begins in early March, when Mars enters pragmatic Capricorn, the sign in which it is exalted (works exceptionally well). Come Earth Day, Mars will be in Aquarius, offering advice. Then on Bloomsday, Mars (and you) launch a six-month voyage through artistic, inspirational Pisces.


Your current romance might begin to unravel today as your Venus ruler leaves Scorpio and sexy Mars behind. Venus in Sagittarius tends to spread the love around, variety being the spice of life. Venus in Capricorn, her star-fucking, social-climbing incarnation, kicks in on February 4, in time for the award shows. March is basically humanitarian, sociable Venus-in-Aquarius time; the goddess is exalted in sympathetic Pisces through Easter. Venus doesn't get to Taurus, her best (for you) position, until May 16, right after the Taurus-Scorpio full-moon eclipse you can watch live!


Your Mercury ruler is retrograde until January 22, so don't sweat the retro reluctance to bring new action for the New Year. Other retrograde periods are: April 26???May 20, August 28???September 20, December 17???January 6, 2004. Schedule vacations and visits to old friends for those dates. The good news is that Saturn leaves your sign in June, freeing you from the restrictions and obligations it's imposed during the last two years. August could be sizzling for Twins born in May - career changes, maybe a move or a major remodel.


2003 will be memorable. Not only does Saturn enter your sign in June, it comes as close to the sun (perihelion) as its 29-year orbit takes it. There'll be challenges to the nation and the presidency: The last time Saturn was on the USA sun, Nixon resigned. In 1944, in the midst of WWII, FDR died. Whether scandal or illness gets him, Bush (7/3) is at risk. But you, dear Crab, could rise to executive status or become an authentic adult during Saturn's visit. In March, innovative Uranus moves into watery Pisces; suddenly, opportunities in art, aeronautics and aquaculture appear.


Unfortunately, protective Jupiter leaves Leo at the end of August; fortunately, it moves into your Virgo money house for the next 13 months. You do the math. Quirky Uranus exits your Aquarius marriage house in March; sexy Mars passes through from late April to mid-June; but idealistic, sometimes delusional Neptune stays put, so relationships continue to be confusing. Valentine's Day could be very exciting - explosive, too. Don't get mad, get even. Best time for sweet romance and favors: July 28???August 22, when lovable Venus is in Leo.


The Virgo new moon on August 27 also marks the beginning of benevolent Jupiter's yearlong odyssey through your sign. Adding a note of unpredictability to partnerships, inventive, erotic Uranus will be in your Pisces marriage house for the next seven years. What's a Virgin to do? Check the Gemini forecast for dates when your Mercury ruler is retrograde, and don't schedule a wedding or other major doings for those periods. The summer-solstice weekend in June also doesn't look so good; way too much is happening in the heavens.


Where's the next Bill Clinton, an ambitious politico with Libra rising? That's the person who'll rise to the top, like cream, while Saturn is in your Cancer midheaven. But if you're not the executive type and don't want to shoulder more responsibility, find another forefront you can come to, say, the CIA (Culinary Institute of America), a fine fit for a career with a nurturing Cancerian slant. Or real estate. A relationship heats up while passionate Mars spends June through November in your house of romance, risk and recreation.


Some things change, some stay the same in 2003. Erratic Uranus stops upsetting your domestic scene after it moves out of fixed Aquarius into Pisces, a compatible water sign. Jupiter no longer presses your buttons once it switches from extravagant Leo to discriminating Virgo; however, it'll still provide opportunities to advance your career and reputation. Less glitz, more practicality. You're at your most potent, at your sexy-beast best, over the February 14th weekend, when both rulers, Mars and Pluto, merge. Plan accordingly.


Archers dealing with the constraints of having stern Saturn in your sign of partners get a break when the old man moves on to Cancer in June. While Saturn might not vacate your marriage house right away, adaptable Archers can more easily adjust. Your Jupiter ruler leaves fiery-but-friendly Leo for perfectionist Virgo in late August, a tempestuous time for everybody. Expansive Jupiter in your Virgo midheaven will provide opportunities to grow, to excel, perhaps to bite off more than you can chew and fall flat on your face.


A major change as Saturn shifts methodology and mood when it enters Cancer in June. Crabville is not the best sign for your ruling planet to operate out of, but it makes you more understanding, more patient when dealing with allies and antagonists alike. Lucky Jupiter's move into Virgo is a blessing for all earth signs; Caps could inherit big-time, travel, maybe go back to school. Take-action Mars is exceptionally effective while it is in exaltation in Capricorn during March and April; make your move this spring or postpone for two more years.


After seven years in your sign, your Uranus ruler moves on to Pisces in March, then revisits in September for the rest of 2003. You'll get a taste of what miracles Uranus can bring about when it's in the sign of faith, fakery and the Fish. Foggy and oily Neptune, ruler of Pisces, hovers between 10 and 13 degrees of Aquarius, making natives born on the January/February cusp (e.g., Dick Cheney) even harder to pin down. However, artists, musicians and mystics should thrive. Generous Jupiter leaves your sunny Leo marriage house for picky Virgo in late August. Sorry.


A mutual reception is an empowering phenomenon. Fish benefit from original Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, moving into Pisces in March while Neptune, ruler of Pisces, remains in Aquarius. Unpredictable Uranus in your sign will change things in ways few of us can imagine, but it'll certainly make you more independent, maybe more eccentric. Partnership matters get a big boost in late summer as prosperous Jupiter enters Virgo, your cosmic complement. Saturn in Cancer, an empathetic water sign, should stabilize your home life.


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