Raves Will Likely Go On If USC Buys L.A. Coliseum, Sports Arena

USC is hoping to the buy the nearby Los Angeles Coliseum and Sports Arena from its public owners -- the city, county and state.

But that probably won't change the controversial raves hosted and both venues four times a year. USC's woman in charge of land management, Kristina Raspe, told the Weekly that the Coliseum Commission, a group of appointed officials, will continue to manage both venues until 2054 because of a standing contract with the state.

That won't change, apparently, if USC takes over the land.

The crowd at New Years Eve's 'Together As One' rave at the Sports Arena.
The crowd at New Years Eve's 'Together As One' rave at the Sports Arena.
Caesar Sebastian / Insomniac Events

The school really just wants access to the venues' parking lots, anyway, Raspe said.

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In terms of raves, which caused concern as a result of one ecstasy related death and more than 300 medical emergencies at the venues in 2010, USC does not "have a position," she said.

Coliseum Commission member Rick Caruso, developer of the Grove shopping center and rumored mayoral hopeful, told the Weekly recently that he will ask the body to reconsider allowing raves at the venues following a New Year's Eve event that saw IDs go unchecked even after the commission voted to impose a strict 18-and-up policy at the parties.

The commission's next meeting is Feb. 2.

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