Rafael Davis, Laid-Up L.A. Firefighter Caught MMA Fighting, Gets A Slap On The Wrist

Rafael Davis took a lot of heat from prosecutors after the L.A. city firefighter claimed he was too injured to work and took workers compensation while ... fighting in mixed martial arts bouts.

Great headline.

Unfortunately, the bottom line wasn't as much of a knock out. Davis only got probation for the misdeed. What's more, prosecutors announced late yesterday that ...

... the former L.A. Fire Department employee's conviction was knocked down from a felony to a misdemeanor by the judge.


The official damage for staying at home and living the life of an MMA fighter?

After he paid $30,000 restitution and completed 200 hours of community service, Davis was given three years probation, the District Attorney's office stated.

The 36-year-old who fought as "The Noodle" pleaded guilty in September to filing a false workers' comp claim in late 2008.

His LAFD career is over.

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