Queer Town: A Special Night Out with the Parents

On Saturday night, I was running late to my own birthday party at Saint

Felix in West Hollywood, wondering if the right people were going to

show up. I didn't care about the number of people, I just wanted the right people. Ten minutes later, as I stood in the middle of the crowded bar, my parents, Pat and Beanie McDonald, walked through

the door.

Queer Town: A Special Night Out with the Parents

(from left to right) Japhy Grant, PRM, Matthew Poe, Vincent De Paul, Michael Gallant, and Gregg Baxter at Saint Felix bar.

The next day, we were sitting in their hotel room, watching the New York Giants football game. In between plays, they told me how it was so great for them to see my friends and to see me, their son, happy. Right then, I remembered a friend who told me of a very different, and not so happy, experience under similar circumstances with his mother, which led me to conclude, yet again, that Pat and Beanie are wonderful parents.

In this new year, when the gay rights movement will be fighting a multitude of battles, especially in California, I hope parents take a minute and truly understand how they affect their sons' and daughters' lives. We need your support more than you, and probably we, realize...particularly when various groups and people are now gunning for your gay sons and daughters in a major way.  It makes life's struggles easier when you know your parents have your back, and I know Pat and Beanie have mine.

(All photos by Tina Dupuy.)

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