Pot Shops: Protesters Decry Move to Ban Dispensaries in San Bernardino County

A scarce resource in San Bernardino County?
A scarce resource in San Bernardino County?
Troy Holden

Protesters are pissed off about pot in San Bernardino County. Or lack thereof.

A group of demonstrators took to the San Bernardino County Planning Commission meeting Thursday in hopes of changing its mind: The county is headed toward an outright ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated areas.

Problem with that is ...

... weed retailers in all but one San Bernardino County municipality have been outlawed. And now the county is filling any open zones -- "unincorporated areas" -- by moving toward its own ban.

One pot shop owner told Fox 11 News that patients will be forced to get their medical supplies on the streets. The move, he said, would only feed the illegal drug trade and the Mexican cartels.

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