Pot Canyon: Massive Marijuana Seizure

On the maps it's designated as Sycamore Canyon, but to sheriff's deputies working in Diamond

Pot Canyon: Massive Marijuana Seizure
Leo Jarzomb/SGVT

Bar it may as well be called Pot Canyon. Today an estimated $25 million worth of plants were ripped from their irrigated beds, a stone's throw from a community center and suburban homes. The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that the farm, which apparently was tended by workers living on-site, was located in such a steep canyon that helicopters were required to remove them. Two men, both from Orange County, were arrested.

The Trib notes that in addition to the farm's irrigation system, deputies found a tent and propane tanks. Two years ago officers seized 1,868 pot plants worth an estimated $10 million from an upscale Diamond Bar home -- one week after discovering another DIY indoor pot farm in Diamond, containing 2,100 plants worth $12.5 million.

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