Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

: "Sanity today appears to rest largely on a capacity to adapt to the external world - the interpersonal world, and the realm of human collectivities. As this external human world is almost completely and totally estranged from the inner, any personal direct awareness of the inner world already has grave risks. . . . Since society, without knowing it, is starving for the inner, the demands on people to evoke its presence in a 'safe' way, in a way that need not be taken seriously, etc., is tremendous - while the ambivalence is equally intense." -R.D. Laing (no relation).

Seemingly the most complete Lenny Bruce site around, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Lenny Bruce" ( is well stocked with bio notes, sound clips, trial coverage and plenty of images.

Uncle Andy's Audio Funhouse ( is a small but effective archive of Andy Kaufman sound clips.

A Quicktime morph of pop singer "Debbie Gibson" (, who I contend is actually Andy Kaufman, alive and well. (Caution: 2.2 MB)

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