Pavement Occupies L.A.: The Many Voices of the Movement (VIDEO)

Sam Slovick is sleeping down at City Hall to report firsthand on Occupy L.A. For continued coverage, visit

There are many voices to be heard in the movement. The nightly general assembly meets on the south steps at 7:30pm where wide-ranging ideas and proposals are heard.

The ideas centering around corporate greed, political corruption and the banking industry were probably most succinctly articulated by a 10 year old African-American girl from South L.A. who told me, "The government took our money and we want it back. They took a lot of our rights and we're gonna need those back too."

Poet/actor/activist Michael O'Keefe and wife Emily Donohoe came by my tent. A fixture at Occupy Wall Street, O'Keefe is decidedly articulate on the movement, specifically the cohesion of message, and the potential for the future and the intention behind the mischaracterization of the protesters by the media. O'Keefe was one of the few identifiable faces in the crowd, prompting the question, when will Hollywood Occupy L.A.?

Nights are long and loud, a decidedly post apocalyptic tribal soundscape; drumming, singing, intense conversation competes for audio space, helicopters and traffic complete the montage. Morning's come early with a bullhorn invitation to rally the cause.

Persistent rumors about the LAPD evacuating the demonstration abound, but so far it's been a love fest between protesters and cops.

LPAD Commander Smith told me that they have no plans to move the demonstrators at this time and nothing in the works for the near future. Presumably the Mayor is under pressure to move the protesters soon.

There are no mirrors at Occupy L.A. The city has provided no showers or bathrooms facilities beyond a small cluster of filthy port-a-potties. There are no certified medical facilities. Beyond a calculated, subtle police presence the only trace of L.A. City is a large white building. Anonymous donors provide all food, water, media tent and sound system.

Activist Michael O'Keefe

Sam SlovickActivist Michael O'Keefe

The north steps of City Hall

Sam SlovickThe north steps of City Hall

Kids from South and East L.A.

Sam SlovickKids from South and East L.A.

A Methodist priest from Riverside

Sam SlovickA Methodist priest from Riverside

A Native American activist and her son, here since day one

Sam SlovickA Native American activist and her son, here since day one

The new age contingent on the south steps of City Hall

Sam SlovickThe new age contingent on the south steps of City Hall

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