'Parker' Parking App For Los Angeles Finds Open Spots in Real Time

Most map apps rely on people to check in and tell you what's happening, where.

An iPhone program to local open parking spaces called "Parker" takes the human element out of it: And during a demo this week in Hollywood, it seemed to prove itself. Spaces were quickly sought and found.

What sets this $1.99 app apart?

It uses sensors buried in parking spaces, with the blessing of the city Department of Transportation. The sensors coordinate locations via Google maps.

The technology costs the software-maker Streetline $300 per space, plus $120 each for licensing. Worth it? Not sure. But the app works.

Fox 11 News also demonstrated it successfully downtown for a segment Wednesday night.

Zia Yusuf, Streetline CEO:

"This is a creative way of showing real-time parking availability. It's a good way to use technology to help the public -- how can I find a parking space faster?"

[USA Today].


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