Paris Hilton's Massive Birthday Cake Ends Up on L.A.'s Skid Row, Feeds Homeless, Thanks to Rapper Paz

An aspiring L.A. rapper says he made away with what appears to be a huge and unmolested wedding-like cake presented at Paris Hilton's birthday celebration and gave it to homeless people on Skid Row.

The celebutante marked her 30th birthday on Thursday.

Rapper Paz writes on his Facebook page, which also contains photos, that:

"Fearing for my personal safety, I decided it was time for the infamous dessert and I to make one final journey."

Let them eat (some really nice) cake.
Let them eat (some really nice) cake.
Paz's Facebook page

He writes that he took the three-tier, red-velvet confection via freeway to Skid Row, where it ended up in 125 slices.

Her bash was described as a Moulin Rouge-themed party at club V-Moda.

Paz has been described as a "party crasher" who "stole" the cake in some reports.

Way to take from the rich and give to the poor, rapping-hood.

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