Pabst Blue Ribbon Celebrates Tagger Who Writes 'Pabst' All Over Los Angeles

Pabst Blue Ribbon Celebrates Tagger Who Writes 'Pabst' All Over Los Angeles
@PabstBlueRibbon via Twitter

What a dream come true, for a major corporation trying to market its product to the cool kids:

A prolific Los Angeles tagger, apparently from the SPV graffiti crew, has chosen "Pabst" as his (or her) moniker.

Yay for hipster vandals! "The Pabst tagger is our No. 1 most wanted," tweeted the official Pabst Blue Ribbon account last week with photo evidence (right) ...

... slyly pretending to side with law enforcement while giving a shout-out to the tagger, who is basically a pro-bono PR staffer on street level.

A quick Internet stalk of the Pabst artist reveals dozens of gorgeous tags, thrown up all over the city during this cold, dangerous mural moratorium. Some of our favorites, as posted to 50mm Los Angeles:

Kriterion via 50mm Los Angeles
"818 2005"
"818 2005"
"SKOPR" via 50mm Los Angeles
"818 2005"
"818 2005"
$ROB MONEY$ via 50mm Los Angeles

(Re: that last one: Could Pabst in person be making a shadowy debut, stage right??)

It hasn't been but a year since Pabst Blue Ribbon moved to Los Angeles from its original headquarters in Illinois. And what a warm welcome we gave it, what with our gentri-fried Eastside and, courtesy of this mystery tagger, free creative renditions of the Pabst logo all up in L.A.'s poorer parts.

Only one question remains: If street-art stickler and L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich finally gets his hands on the SPV regular, will Pabst put its money where its Twitter handle is and bail the rascal out?

[@simone_electra / / @LAWeeklyNews]

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