Over the Weekend: Fast and Fierce Derby Dolls, Darkmatter Soundsystem Secret Show, Animal Collective at Troubadour

At approximately 5:32 p.m. on Sunday, stuck in traffic on the 101 South, the exhaustion hit me. You've been there -- the weekend comes to a close and you realize you're more wiped out than you were on Friday going into it.  Plans to "do laundry," "call the fam" or  "go to bed early" get tossed aside the minute your phone blows up with text messages about that super secret party location or you're put on the list for that sold out show. You realize that memories aren't going to make themselves so you pound a Red Bull and hit the city, again. Cheers to another case of the Mondays...

Derby Dolls: Sexy Speedsters and Mayhem on Wheels
Venetian Snares at Darkmatter Soundsystem
Venetian Snares at Darkmatter Soundsystem
Liz Ohanesian

Since 2001, Darkmatter Soundsystem has been at the forefront of the L.A. underground, when they helped to popularize breakcore, drum 'n' bass' noisy cousin, and dubstep, locally. Over the years, they have released their own harsh-sounding and forward-minded electronic music in a variety of formats, while keeping fist-pumping dancers enthralled across town. Read more in Liz Ohanesian's West Coast Sound blog, "Darkmatter Soundsystem Surprises LA Breakcore Fans with Secret Show."


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