Over the Weekend: Cirque Du So Lame, Burlesque Barbie... and Easter

For those who stayed in town over the holiday weekend and skipped out on feasting with the extended family, hopefully you took Jessica Ritz's advice and enjoyed Easter brunch at one of her recommended restaurants Comme Ca, XIV, The Bazaar or Providence. We did and followed it up with dinner at Little Dom's. Food comas aside, there was plenty of bizarre nightlife to be enjoyed once we mustered the strength. Read on for what we did and who we saw...

Cirque Du So Lame: Cute Clowns, Lolitas, Carnies @ Royal/T

Courtney Cruz as Peepshow Barbie
Courtney Cruz as Peepshow Barbie
Aimee Candelaria

Devil's Playground presented Burlesque Barbie at Bordello on Saturday night, featuring unconventional performances by Peepshow Barbie, Ghetto Barbie, White Trash Barbie, Cougar Barbie and Dominatrix Barbie, plus a live set by Stab City. View more photos in Aimee Candelaria's Burlesque Barbie slideshow.

Dinner at Little Dom's

Pork cheek appetizer at Little Dom's.
Pork cheek appetizer at Little Dom's.
Anne Fishbein

Sunday night we dined at Italian-Creole hot spot Little Dom's in Los Feliz. Read more in Jonathan Gold's "Dom's and Subs: Po' Boys and Meatballs, Little Dom's Big Easy Secret" and view more photos in Anne Fishbein's Little Dom's slideshow.


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