Over the Weekend: Back to School Burlesque, Sunset Strip Music Festival, L.A. Derby Dolls

Despite a "Back to School" themed burlesque show, the Sunset Strip Music Festival and a Derby Dolls bout, the most jaw-dropping event of the weekend wasn't an event at all, but rather a successful bank robbery held by a senior citizen wearing an oxygen tank. Are times really that tough or was the 70- to 80-year-old suspect channeling his inner Bodhi Sattvah and wearing the best disguise ever? Read on for more of what we did and who we saw...

Hot for Teacher: Back to School Burlesque @ Bordello
Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne
Christopher Victorio

Plaid skirt-wearing school girls and a ruler-wielding principal celebrated the end of Summer by stripping down for Devil's Playground's "Back to School" burlesque at Bordello on September 12. View more photos in Christopher Victorio's "Back to School" burlesque slideshow.

Sunset Strip Music Festival
Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne
Timothy Norris

God bless the Sunset Strip. Hipsters can pooh-pooh it all they want as they ride their purple-tired fixed-gear bikes through Silver Lake, but for a sheer what-the-fuh!? parade of humanity, nothing beats the Sunset Strip. View the photos in Timothy Norris' "Sunset Strip Music Festival" slideshow and read more in Randall Roberts' "Sunset Strip Music Festival: The Freaks Come Out During the Day, Too."

Skate or Die! Sirens vs. Swarm Derby Dolls Bout
Over the Weekend: Back to School Burlesque, Sunset Strip Music Festival, L.A. Derby Dolls
Aimee Candelaria

We strapped on our knee pads and sharpened our roller skates for the all-girl L.A. Derby Dolls bout, Sirens vs. The Swarm, on September 12 at the Doll Factory. L.A.'s Sirens came decked in police gear while San Diego's The Swarm donned yellow and black. View more photos in Aimee Candelaria's "Sirens vs. Swarm Derby Dolls" slideshow.

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