On the List


1. Name that haircut. You might not be able to tell a book by its cover, but you can often tell a kid’s clubbin’ area by his/her coif.

a. Wispy shags (à la Joan Jett/young Keith Richards): Cahuenga Boulevard

b. Blond streaked: everywhere else in Hollywood

c. Short/shaved: WeHo

d. Just outta bed: Echo Park and Silver Lake

e. Faux follicles (as in extensions): The Strip

2. From fashionably to freakishly late. 11 to 12 has always been the ETA for excess, but now it’s all about arriving during the last two hours and not a minute before, even on weeknights.

3. Bottle-service bigwigs. Now any dork with cash (bottle-service tables usually range from $100 for well to $400 for champagne) can get strategic see-and-be-seen tables.

4. Go-go-ing, gone. Why pay for a hot, scantily clad chick to grind on a platform when your hot, scantily clad customers will do it for you?

5. Cyber scenes. Friendster and My Space changed the way promoters and bands spread the word.

6. The late graze. Those hot dogs wrapped with bacon strips are always inviting after a couple of cocktails, which means the vendors are staying up late, too.

7. Rock stars turned spin-sters. Wax-attacking musicians who actually raised the roof: Peaches, Carlos from Interpol, Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce from the Smiths, Timmy Anderson from Ima Robot, Filip from Junior Senior.

8. Tuning in. By making it easy for the masses to discover local and import stuff that discriminating hipsters used to have to seek out on their own, Indie 103.1 helped revive local rock and dance clubs.

9. TV party tonight. Cali club culture takes over the tube: E!’s The Hot Spot, a realistic if not exactly riveting behind-the-scenes look at the remodel of the Roosevelt Hotel; Spike TV’s The Club, a cautionary reality show about the challenges of running a successful Vegas club (Ice) with L.A. connections; The O.C. — With a weekly lineup of cool-enough-to-know-better bands, the show’s fictional venue, the Bait Shop, is the millennial equivalent of 90210’s Peach Pit After Dark.


1. Dragstrip rides on. Crossdressin’ fave Dragstrip 66’s move from longtime home Rudolpho’s to the Echo was risky, but it paid off in queens.

2. The Viper Room gets bitten. After a lot of behind-the-scenes drama that included the departure of co-owner Johnny Depp and defection of its popular Metal Skool night to the Roxy, the spot is finding its way back with new blood and new promotions.

3. A killer party. Halloween offered a fabulous excuse for the glitter-drenched chaos of Party Monster (a club based on the movie about murderous club kid Michael Alig).

4. Silver Lake shines. It was already a live music haven, but when El Cid, Little Temple and Akbar all added DJ nights, the hood grooved like never before.

5. Main Street gets ‘Mör’ dance action. -Santa Monica really started to hustle when DJ duo The 2 Man Group opened The Mör, to go head-to-head with Circle Bar.

6. Bands get the boot at Bigfoot. Apparently Smokey found the amplified music too much to bear.

7. Clash of the super-clubs. Three spaces around town vied for electronic event supremacy: Avaland at Avalon (from the people behind Giant), God’s Kitchen at the Fonda and Circus Saturdays (where Spundae will return next year). To be continued . . .


1. Brent Bolthouse. Celebs, models, popstars and "their people" swarm to B.B.’s happenings — Saturday at XES, Friday at Avalon and Monday at Josephs (now at Chi).

2. Jason Lavitt. Whether it be gay (Tigerheat), retro (Beat It) or indie (Bang!, which he co-promotes), Lavitt’s nights offer an unmatched exuberance.

3. Stephen Hauptfuhr. It pays to have a lot of friends, and this party punk proved it with brash bashes (Monday’s at the Argyle, Vice Parties at the Standard), clubs (Radio at Star Shoes) and ideas (skinny-boy burlesque!).

4. Shakespeare and Aurelito. Their Chocolate Bar night has always been a treat, but this pair took their social grooves to new places with I&I Mobile Sound System, a converted ice cream truck pumpin’ out reggae and soul.

5. Albert Torres. Salsa’s main man spiced up Studio City, held an international "congress" event and even took Latin music’s romancin’ and dancin’ to Alhambra at the Granada.

Other notables: Paul V (MegaMondays, Dragstrip 66, Spit), Scarlett (Hang the DJs, Razzmatazz), Kajmere (The Rootdown, Descarga, Soundlessons), Danny B. (Naked, Filthy Fridays), Mac Africa (Fenix Friday, Cinespace Saturday), Bruce Perdew (Clockwork Orange, Dungeon, Perversion).


Nightly hubs: Prey, Here, Bliss, Tokio, The Golden Gopher, Casey’s Downtown, Velvet Margarita

Weekly/ monthly clubs: Club Gossip, Ruby Tuesdays, Club Likwit, Matahari, Club Chub


Nightly hubs: Blue, Hollywood Athletic Club, Barfly, North, Belly

Weekly/monthly clubs: Sleazeoid, Couture, Vamp, Thunderpussy, Slurp, Club Microwave, Synthetic, Club 1990s, Club 90s

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