Murder Was the Case: L.A. Homicide No. 124: LAPD Officer Involved in Fatal Shooting

Details are scant but the Los Angeles Police Department confirms that one of its officers was involved in a fatal shooting on June 5.

Shooting Victim: Ricardo Cabrales

LAPD officers were assisting California state parole officers in a compliance search for a parolee in the 3800 block of East Sixth Street when the 8:30 am shooting occurred. According to preliminary police reports, parolee Ricardo Cabrales refused to open the door to officers and tried to escape from a side door when he got involved in an "officer-involved shooting" with LAPD officer Jose Hidalgo.

Cabrales was pronounced dead at the scene by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Police said they recovered a small semi-automatic handgun. The LAPD Force Investigation Division is handling the shooting death.

Officer Jose Hidalgo has been on the job for four years.

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