Mistress Sex Capital of America? Los Angeles, Of Course

Our eyebrows lifted with indigation when L.A., home of one Hugh Hefner, failed to rank number one in a 2012 list of America's top sugar-daddy cities. As if. Hef is the world's ultimate, blue-pill-propelled icon of pay-to-play papis, proof that money can buy you love, or something blonde. And ours is a city of many Hefners.

So it is with glib satisfaction that we acknowledge that cheater-dating site Ashley Madison got it right:

L.A. is America's mistress capital! Yay. We're good at something.

Sure, sugar daddies and guys with mistresses aren't necessarily the same thing, but they would share a lot of space on a venn diagram.

Mistress Sex Capital of America? Los Angeles, Of Course
Ashley Madison

In results revealed this week, we beat out Washington (2), Phoenix (3) and even the old, rich guy capital, West Palm Beach (9) in pimping mistress acquisition, according to Ashley Madison's research. The site states:

Over 37% of the female Angelenos seeking a married man on the dating site designed for those already in relationships are actually single themselves.

The company says Beverly Hills is a big mistress town on its own:

When it comes to which zip code boasts the most mistresses, 90210 is hands

down the hub for home-wrecking.

Stay classy, Los Angeles.

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