Mike McNeilly, Skytag: The Loser Who Pushes Urban Blight and Ugly Supergraphics is Sued by Carmen Trutanich for Millions

Mike McNeilly is still trying to wrap Los Angeles in hideous, dangerous, skyscraper-sized illegal supergraphic advertising so he can get richer. But once a loser, always a loser. McNeilly ran for California governor in the Republican Party in 2003 and got 581 votes -- out of 5.4 million GOP votes cast. He's a greedy man trying to make ugly L.A. streets uglier -- so he can fill his coffers with cash at SkyTag, his visual blight company.

Remember how McNeilly tried to sell himself as an "artist" at one point? Laughable. Now, L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich says he's going after Blight McNeilly for millions of dollars in fines. Trutanich says McNeilly illegally wrapped 17 locations in his trashy supergraphics.

According to Richie Duchon at City News Service:

A newly filed lawsuit alleges Sky Tag's supergraphics were safety

hazards for drivers and workers in buildings that hung the signs. In the

complaint filed Friday, Chief Assistant City Attorney Jeffrey Isaacs alleges

Sky Tag ignored repeated zoning and fire code violations.

The fines sought could reach tens of millions of dollars. Every day a

supergraphic is found to be hanging illegally counts as an individual violation

subject to a $2,500 fine.

And Mike McNeilly has had plenty of time to pull down his illegal Skytag jumbo signs. Let's hope you never get trapped in a building wrapped by McNeilly, the czar of vapid, bad-taste building wraparounds.

One illegal SkyTag site has stubbornly been maintained since 2001 and another since 2008, city officials are saying.

McNeilly can afford to jet out of town to get relief from the blizzard of 10,000 legal and illegal billboards that have all but ruined Los Angeles, whose streets and boulevards were once actually kind of pleasant -- but now are about visual blight and more visual blight.

Mike McNeilly's verdant Beverly Hills SkyTag compound, far from the blight he creates in Los Angeles
Mike McNeilly's verdant Beverly Hills SkyTag compound, far from the blight he creates in Los Angeles

Mike McNeilly can hunker down in his posh Skytag compound on Summit Drive in Beverly Hills, then jump in a pricey car, and roll up the windows.

Meanwhile, McNeilly forces Skytag's crass commercialism on everyone else, and takes the profits as they roll in to Skytag, Inc.

Where on earth did Mike McNeilly get those 581 votes in 2003, when Arnold Schwarzenegger beat Gray Davis for California governor?

Probably from 581 people who slather buildings with bad-taste advertising on behalf of Mike McNeilly.

Further reading about the greedy men who run L.A.'s illegal supergraphics movement. Please check out: "The Mad Men of Los Angeles."

And don't miss the story of who is to blame on the Los Angeles City Council: "Billboards Gone Wild: Citizens Take Things Into their Own Hands."

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