Mayor Villaraigosa's Friends, Including City-NFL-Stadium Deal Hopeful Anschutz Corp., Aim $1 Mil at his School Board Picks

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants to keep his grip on the L.A. school board, and he's got some friends in high places helping him out.

One of those friends, the Anshutz Corp., has given $100,000 to the Coalition for School Reform, a committee set up to get Villaraigosa's slate of school board candidates elected, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Anschutz Entertainment Group has a little proposal before City Hall, too, by the way, something about a $1 billion-plus stadium that would take over part of the publicly-owned Convention Center. But wait, there's more ...

The committee boosting mayor's candidates, Tamar Galatzan, Luis Sanchez and Richard Vladovic, also got a boost from:

-Former Univision Chairman Jerry Perenchio ($250,000).

-Billionaire developer Eli Broad ($150,000).

-Former Mayor Richard Riordan ($25,000).

Eli Broad opens his wallet broadly.
Eli Broad opens his wallet broadly.

The law says you couldn't give nearly this much to an individual candidate (the limit is $1,000). But for a "committee?" It's all good. Villaraigosa's committee has nearly $1 million in had for its school board candidates.

Good luck trying to beat that.

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