Marijuana Nestled in Hot Sauce Shipment Gets Nabbed at California Border: $1.4 Million Worth of Spicy Weed Seized

They say salsa is the number one condiment in the United States. Marijuana is often believed to be California's biggest cash crop. Put them together and what do you have?

No, not a Cypress Hill house party.

You have an all-American drug bust, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. A CBP statement forwarded to the Weekly says border officers checking out a big-rig at San Diego's Otay Mesa cargo crossing ...

... discovered 123 wrapped packages of marijuana, comingled with bottles of hot sauce. The marijuana has a street value of $1.4 million.

The alleged combination #420 -- weed and salsa.
The alleged combination #420 -- weed and salsa.

It happened Friday about 4 p.m. as officers became suspicion of the 1991 Freightliner tractor and its cargo, "manifested" as hot sauce, according to the CBP. An x-ray of the rig turned up "anomalies with the cargo," according to the agency.

Hot, spicy anomalies with glaucoma-treating qualities, apparently.

The 39-year-old driver was, of course, arrested, and the rig was seized, according to the agency.

Now, what kind of salsa did smugglers think would be a good cover for weed? Angelica De Cima of CBP wouldn't tell us (insert sad face here).

But, gosh, just imagine the Mexican Independence Day party that shipment could have fueled. Talk about your rolled tacos.


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